Configure real-time networks and eliminate costly installation expenses by using DeviceNet cabling approved for use within existing cable trays.


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DeviceNet cables are designed and manufactured for compliance with the ODVA specification. As an active member for ODVA, Belden provides an extensive line of cables for these applications. The broad range of ODVA designated products in the market include:

Tray cable (TC) and power-limited tray cable (PLTC) ratings available: Class 1 (600V) and Class 2 (300V)

Exposed run (ER) versions available for TC and PLTC constructions

Additional jacket options: CPE and LSZH available, with color variations for safety designation

Interlock armoring available

Network Protocol Definition

Description Options/Part Number
Developer: Allen-Bradley
Type of Architecture: Various chip and product vendors
Interconnections/Nodes: 64 nodes
Network Topology: Trunkline
Dropline with branching
Distance: 500 m (6 km with repeaters)
Data Size: 8 bytes
Data Speed: 500 kbps
250 kbps
125 kbps
Communication Method: 500 kbps
250 kbps
125 kbps
Cabling Requirement: 120-Ohm Shielded Twisted Pair (Signal/Power Pairs)

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