Provide installation flexibility in a myriad of harsh environments, including outdoors and where multiple extended cable runs are required, with Belden's vast portfolio of superior performance fieldbus cables.


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With the high cost of downtime in industrial applications, particularly in remote locations, investing in cable with proven performance and reliability can significantly reduce the likelihood of system failure. FOUNDATION Fieldbus is the dominant industrial network for:

Oil and gas markets

Petrochemical industries

Batch and process applications

Belden offers a complete solution of Fieldbus cables, including 100 ohm shielded twisted pair cables designed for compliance with the Foundation Fieldbus standard, IEC 61158-2 (ISA/SP-50), and several options are available:

Description Options/Part Number
Standard Foundation Fieldbus: Belden 3076F (Type A)
Belden 3077F (Type B)
Multi-pair constructions available: 2, 5, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 and 50 pairs
Shielding options: foil/braid shield available for 18, 16, and 14 AWG designs
Armoring options: continuous or interlock
Additional jacket options: CPE and LSZH available

High speed constructions available

FOUNDATION Fieldbus Benefits

Belden Fieldbus cables are engineered for optimal electrical and physical performance and designed to withstand even the destructive effects of:

Temperature extremes


Oil & dust

UV radiation

Network Protocol Definition

Description Options/Part Number
Developer: FieldComm (formerly Fieldbus Foundation)
Type of Architecture: Multiple chip & product vendors
Interconnections/Nodes: 240 nodes/segment
Network Topology: Star, Bus
Distance: 1,900 m
Data Size: 128 octets
Data Speed: 31.25 kbps
Communication Method: Client/Server
Event Notification
Cabling Requirement: 100-Ohm Shielded Twisted Pair

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