Multi-Conductor Cable

Belden's flagship "Classics" electronic audio, control and instrumentation cables have been specified for decades for their unmatched ability to ensure system uptime. Backed by a 10-year warranty, these rugged essentials will outlast alternatives even in the most demanding harsh environments.


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A portfolio engineered for performance demands in a diverse array of applications:

In control cabinet or panel
In riser or plenum spaces, indoors or outdoors

In wire harnesses and cable assemblies
For audio, communication, security and alarm systems
For low-voltage power supply

Features and options that allow engineers to match cable selection with environmental conditions and application demands:


Flexibility: Solid conductors for fixed installations; stranded conductors for moderate flexing, frequent distribution, maintenance.

High and Low Temperature: PVC jacket for -20°C to 80°C; Fluorocoplymer jacket for -20°C to 150°C; FEP for -70°C to 200°C.

Electrical Noise (EMI/RFI) Exposure: Beldfoil shield for high frequency noise, foil + braid shield for low frequency noise.

Plenum or Riser Spaces: CM or CMG for general installation; CMR for riser spaces; CMP for plenum spaces.

Limited Cabling Space: FEP insulation and jacketing for 20% reduced overall diameter and minimum small bend radius. AWG sizes #24 through #12.

Extended Distance Runs: PE or PO conductor insulations for optimized capacitance and long runs.

Oil, Acid, Hydrocarbon, Alcohol, Chemical Exposure: Myriad jacketing options like FEP or PUR for specific exposure resistance.

Direct Burial or Abrasion/Rodent Risk: Optional Aluminum interlock armoring on any electronic cable.


Approvals, ratings and performance testing to ensure longevity and regulatory compliance:

NEC Ratings for building installation types: CM, CMG, CMR, CMP
NFPA79 for OEM Machinery; NFPA70 for Buildings
AWM Specifications for Appliance Wiring
Flame Ratings

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