Belden GreenChoice Wire & Cable Products

LSZH-Jacketed Cables and PPO Hook-Up Wire Offer Provide a Green Alternative


GreenChoice LSZH-Jacketed cables

GreenChoice LSZH-Jacketed cables are low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) versions on some of Belden's most popular and reliable cables. These environmentally friendly cables are an extension of the company's GreenChoice solutions for customers looking for green alternatives to traditional products.

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Belden PPO UL AWM Hook-up Wire

The PPO UL AWM Hook-up wire is an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional PVC-insulated and XLPE-insulated hook-up wire. PPO Wire also meets or exceeds the electrical and thermal characteristics of traditiona products, while being smaller in diameter, lighter in weight, stronger and more durable.

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