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In today’s competitive world manufacturing productivity is dependent upon high availability automation systems and seamless data communications.  At the same time, the number one cause of industrial network failures is signal transmission issues, which are difficult to troubleshoot.

Downtime costs for mission critical networks range from $10,000/hour for an automotive facility to $45,000/hour for a power plant, meaning there is a real bottom line impact to selecting the right cable.

With over one hundred years of providing reliable cabling products, Belden is proud to offer a full-line of high quality, high availability industrial cabling and connectivity solutions.  Our products are used in many production environments, from onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities to discrete manufacturing and many more.

Combined with industrial networking products from our Hirschmann, GarrettCom and Tofino Security brands we supply complete end-to-end industrial Ethernet infrastructures. 

New Products

MarineTuff Certified Instrumentation, Control and VFD Cables

MarineTuff is our new line of marine-certified HaloarrestXLink LSZH-Jacketed 600V instrumentation, control and VFD cables. They provide:

  • reliable, safety-conscious cabling solutions for offshore platforms, equipment suppliers and commercial shipbuilders   
  • the benefits of low smoke and zero halogen (LSZH) jackets while maintaining the physical toughness to withstand the harshest offshore environments
  • reduced purchasing costs and timelines because the wiring certification process is not necessary during each procurement cycle

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DataTuff TC Cat 5e Cord Sets

Our 600V TC 1277 rated Cat 5e cord sets, with RJ45 connectors, are the first to address a long-standing challenge.  That is, the ability to easily route industrial Ethernet cables in the most demanding heavy-industry environments using existing 600V cable trays. Benefits include:

  • Lower installation costs
  • Higher reliability through reduced risk of field failure, avoiding  operational downtime and/or  safety issues
  • Convenient direct connection with equipment and devices with RJ45-compatible connectors
  • A factory warranty that guarantees trouble-free connectivity

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