VFD Cable

Belden VFD Cables Provide Superior Electrical Performance and Reliability, Even in the Most Demanding Industrial Environments

NPB235_productVariable-frequency AC motor drive output cables are subject to harsh operating environments characterized by high voltage spikes, high noise levels and adverse environmental conditions. Typical cabling solutions for this application have been unshielded tray cables, single-conductor lead wire installed in conduit or continuously-welded armored cable. These solutions suffer from complex, costly installation and potential reliability problems. Belden Variable-frequency Drive (VFD) cables were designed and engineered to overcome these challenges. 

VFD cables carry power from AC drive systems to AC motors. As a result, these cables must handle not only the overall high power levels of the pulse-width modulated (PWM) signals, but also the extremely high voltage which can occur when standing waves develop on the conductors. This high voltage can cause corona discharges to occur between the conductors of conventional cables, causing damage not only to the cabling itself, but also to the motors, bearings, drives and related equipment. In turn, this damage can cause failure of the entire drive system, resulting in costly production downtime.

In addition to experiencing failures due to corona discharge and adverse environmental conditions, conventional VFD cabling is difficult and expensive to install. Armored cable and lead wire in conduit are cumbersome and require extremely large installation bending radii, making installation both time consuming and labor intensive. Yet they still do not solve noise and corona discharge problems, nor do they effectively address the high levels of noise generated by VFDs.

Belden’s MCM VFD cables provide a proven solution for motor-to-drive connections. The cables are essential in noise-sensitive applications or in any damp or wet environment where reflected wave voltages may degrade PVC/nylon conductors. These products are also suitable for use as shielded power cable for other solid state devices. Belden VFD cables provide superior common mode current protection, and help protect a system against the damage of reflected wave voltages and capacitively coupled currents, ensuring maximum safety and reliability.

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Only Belden's VFD cables series of 1000V UL flexible motor supply cables in gauge sizes from 16-4/0 provide the robust construction required to deliver superior electrical performance and reliability, even in the most demanding industrial environments.

Our heavy, industrial grade XLPE insulation provides:

  • More stable electrical performance than PVC
  • Lower capacitance, resulting in:
    • Longer cable runs
    • Reduced peak motor terminal voltage for extended motor life
    • Reduced likelihood of corona discharge
    • Reduced magnitude of standing waves
    • Increased efficiency of power transfer

Our high-stand tinned copper circuit conductors:

  • Are more flexible for ease of installation
  • Provide better vibration resistance
  • Are numbered for ease of identification

Our industrial-grade PVC jacket is:

  • Oil resistant
  • Sunlight resistant