Magnum DIN-Rail Options

Many Magnum products such as the 6KL, 6KQ, ES42, and CS14 are designed for use in a “factory floor” industrial environment or other harsh or outdoor environment where DIN-Rail is often used. These units are available with an optional DIN-Rail bracket to mount securely—often in a metal enclosure, and maintained vertically for proper convection cooling. These Magnum switches require one DIN-Rail bracket for secure mounting.

Each DIN-Rail bracket features four screws for connecting to the back of the Magnum unit and a spring-loaded latch for easy connection to and from the din-rail. Some products such as the Magnum 6K16V feature two unique din-rail brackets (Model # DIN-VM16-KIT).

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Efficient DIN-Rail Mounting for Edge Switches & Converters â€, DIN-RAIL-LATCH for use with Magnum Converter Switches and Edge Switches.

Mounting Available for 6KQ, and 6KQE â€, Model # DIN-Rail-6KQ shown above with Magnum 6KQ and 6KQE Switches.

Mounting for Larger 6K16V Available â€, Optional Model # DIN-VM16-KIT for variable height DIN-Rail mounting of Magnum 6K16V Managed Switches.

DIN-Rail Bracket Flexibility â€, DIN-RAIL-LATCH may also be used to DIN-Rail mount Magnum 6KL Managed Switches.

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Blanked Installation



DIN Rail Bracket

  • Metal, mounted to the bottom of Magnum unit.


  • Four threaded holes are provided on the bottom of the Magnum unit for DIN Rail mounting purposes.
  • The required four screws are included with the DIN-Rail bracket, and are no. 4-40 x 9/32 PHIL. PAN Head.

Rail clip

  • Spring-loaded with a pull-up latch at the top for easy "snap-on" attachment and removal.
  • To install the Magnum product with the DIN-Rail bracket installed, hold the unit in the side vertical position with the bottom out, and with the top moved in toward the DINRail. Position the DIN bracket over the top of the DIN-Rail. Then, snap the bracket into holding position by moving the bottom of the unit inwards to a vertical position. The DIN-Rail bracket is heavy duty, and will hold the Magnum unit securely in position, even with cabling attached to the unit.


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