Fiber Interface Accessories

Fiber Interface Accessories

System accessories for fiber interfaces offer practical and workable solutions that are perfectly adapted to the product in question, enabling easy assembly while ensuring secure power supply. The table below will help in narrowing your selection to find the right high-quality optical fiber cable modules for your systems.


  • Hirschmann accessories have been developed especially for our Fiber Interfaces, based on extensive experience with real customer applications. You’ll find a solution that is both comprehensive and practical in this portfolio.


  • Hirschmann accessories satisfy your high expectations for:
    • material selection
    • processing quality
    • reliability
    • long life
    • installation time
  • Select from a great variety of:
    • DIN rail power supply units
    • Plug-in power supplies
    • DIN rail adapters

Power Supplies

Compatibility Mounting Output Voltage / Current Operating Temperature More Info
Universal DIN Rail 24V / 1.3A ?10°C to +70°C Datasheet
24V / 3.4A ?25°C to +70°C Datasheet
For Fiber Converters Plug-in 5V / 2A 0°C to +40°C Datasheet

Mounting Accessories

Accessory Compatibility More Info
DIN Rail Adapter

Suitable for Fiber Converters:

OZDV 2451 P
OZDV 2451 G
OZDV 2471 P
OZDV 2471 G
OZDV 2471 G-1300


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