Benefits from Embedded Ethernet Technology 

By Rolf-Dieter Sommer, Global Product Manager and Frank Wei, Director of Marketing, Hirschmann, a Belden brand.

Embedding intelligence is maturing. Embedded computers in automobiles, home appliances, smart phones, TV receivers, and video recorders revolutionized industries—and, indeed, life, around the globe. Today, 98% of Ethernet switches are still stand-alone units. This physical separation clearly differentiates between communication tasks and application processes; nonetheless, the increasing requirements to reduce cost and save space are swinging the momentum towards embedded switching in automation components for industrial machines.

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Industrially hardened embedded managed Ethernet boards mean rapid development of Ethernet-enabled devices; they are essentially “drop-in” technology that allows you to bring Ethernet-enabled machines to market rapidly, and provide added value for your customers. Is embedded Ethernet right for you?

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