Magnum 6K16V Managed Ethernet Switches

Designed for harsh environments such as power utilities, traffic control, factory automation, and video surveillance systems with uplinks to Gigabit backbones, the Magnum 6K16V is easy to install and operate. The next generation of industrial applications will need advanced managed network software, operation at extended temperatures, fiber ports modularity, support for self-healing ring structures, and gigabit backbone configurability. The Magnum 6K16V has all of these in a compact, robust package.

The Magnum 6K16V Managed Fiber Switches provide modularity of fiber and copper ports and comprehensive management software in a convection-cooled, vertically-mounted package. These heavy-duty Ethernet Switches are designed for harsh conditions and temperatures ranging from -40C to 85C. All DC options including 24V, -48V, 125V, and 250V as well as, AC are available. With DIN-Rail mounting, the hardened Magnum 6K16V is a "go-anywhere do-anything" Industrial Ethernet Switch. Gigabit port modules are also available.


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Unique Design - This is a "go-anywhere do-anything" Industrial Ethernet switch with DIN-Rail and Vertical mounting options.

Highly Configurable - Providesalmost unlimited configuration flexibility with a family of 20 port modules to choose from. All 100 Mb fiber port types, 10/100 copper ports, and Gigabit with SFPs are available.

Hardened - Ideally suited for extreme conditions with a heavy-duty metal case, temperature ratings ranging from -50C to 95C , and a convection-cooled, fan-less design enables this switch toresists dust, insects, dirt, moisture, smoke, and temperature extremes.

Wide Range of Input Power Options - With a variety of power options including -48VDC, 24VDC, 125VDC, and 250VDC power, dual source, or AC the 6K16V is adaptable to almost any power input.

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