MS Media Module Switches

Industrially compatible, flexible, economical and future-safe. Regardless of standard or configurable switches, the modular structure pays off especially in the long term: MS Switches and media modules offer you maximum flexibility and therefore perfectly prepared for the growing network demands of the future.

Any combination of hot-swappable media modules may be used to attain the desired port density/type on a MS switch. The only restriction is the number of slots that the MS backplane has (one media module per slot).

Also available is a MS 2-slot backplane extension for MS20-16, MS30-16 and MS4128, Only one per switch may be used for a maximum of six total slots.

Maximum Flexibility
Be able to adapt to growing and changing networks by using the modular design of the MS Series.Change individual modules as needed, while keeping the rest of the system intact.

Add modules as the network grows and evolves.An optional backplane expander provides additional slots for even the "unforeseen" cases.


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