Media Converters


Hirschmann IOLAN

Easy and reliable connection of end devices with serial interfaces to Ethernet networks is now possible with the Hirschmann IOLAN DC converters. Thanks to a variety of different serial interfaces, bandwidths, security functions, protection standards, temperature ranges and special approvals, the IOLAN converters provide ideal solutions for a variety of applications, including factory and process automation, building automation, and automation for new energy application.

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Magnum CS14 Converter Switches with 100 Mb Fiber

Combine a 100 Mb Fiber Media Converter and a two-port 10/100 copper Switch, and you have theConverter Switch, a new flexible edge-of-the-network Ethernet product.Add in fiber port choices for all multi-mode and single-mode fiber connector types plus AC or DC input power selection and multiple application environments, and you have the Magnum CS14 Converter Switch.Models are available for factory-floor and outdoor environments.

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Magnum CSG14 Gigabit Converter Switches

Combine a Gigabit (Gb) Fiber Media Converter and a two-port 10/100/1000 copper Switch, and you have the Magnum CSG14 Converter Switch, a new high-speed flexible edge-of-the-network industrial Ethernet product.Add in Gb fiber port choices for all multi-mode and single-mode Gb fiber connector types plus DC or AC input power selection, and the metal case and configuration choices you expect from Magnum products, and you have the answer to many Gigabit connectivity applications in industrial networks.

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Magnum CSG14U Gigabit Converter Switches

The Magnum CSG14U Universal Converter Switch can handle any Gb fiber type – multi-mode and single-mode – and fiber media distance with a selection of Gb SFP fiber transceivers, up to two of which can be plugged in. It can also handle any 100Mb fiber media type and distance in the same way, with a selection of 100Mb SFP fiber transceivers that similarly plug in. And, for copper media attachment, there is a 10/100/1000 auto-negotiating RJ-45 port.

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Magnum CSN14 Converter Switches with 10 Mb Fiber

Magnum CSN14 Converter Switches, with a 10 Mb Fiber port built in cover the full range of application environments with regular (office), Hardened (factory floor), and Premium-rated (outdoor) versions. Extra features for heavy-duty and extended temperature operation ranges are included selectively in the Hardened factory-floor and Premium-rated outdoor models. This selection of models offers the best price-to-value ratio for each user and installation.The compact package is ideal for "edge of the network" installation.

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