Redundancy - Avoid Single Points of Failure

Media redundancy is primarily used to avoid single points of failure in industrial communications networks. Wherever there is a single point of failure it is possible for the communications network, for instance in an automated production line, to be completely disabled by a single technical fault. The consequences of such a failure can potentially be extremely costly. If redundant structures are used then a single failure merely causes the network to fallback to a degraded state. Communications via the network remain viable, and the redundant system makes it possible for a repair to be carried out to restore the previous fault-free state. Redundant network structures are used for two separate purposes: load balancing & fault tolerance.




MACH1000 Ruggedized Switches

Ruggedized MACH1000 Switches offer the maximum reliability. These switches offer high port density (up to 28 ports), excellent RFI/EMI shielding under extreme conditions and great flexibility. You set up your own switch according to your requirements regarding the number of ports, transmission speed, media type, connector type, temperature range, voltage range and software variant.

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MACH4000 Backbone Switches

The modular, industry-compatible MACH4000 Gigabit Ethernet system is used as an industrial backbone system, and also in applications with high data volumes, such as Voice/Video over IP. The MACH 4000 is a modular, industry-compatible Gigabit Ethernet system in a 19" chassis that is also suitable for use as an industrial backbone system.

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Magnum 6K

Magnum 6K Managed Ethernet Switches

The 6K family of Ethernet Managed Switches is ideal for industrial Ethernet applications on the factory floor, power plant, and outdoor applications. These rugged switches are designed to endure even the most extreme environments. The 6K family features fiber-rich and modular switches that can be configured with AC or DC power. The Wide selection ofport modulesmakes the 6K line of switches very flexible.

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Magnum 10K

Magnum 10K Managed Switches

Magnum 10K Managed Switches provide the bandwidth and advanced port configurability for data-intensive utility and industrial applications such as the Smart Grid. New advanced thermal design techniques enable the 10K Family to deliver high reliability and configurability even at extended operating temperatures. Special rack-mount cooling features include Thermal Fins for extra heat dissipation and internal heat transfer techniques that use the case as a heat sink. Cooler operation of internal electronic components leads to longer life-time and increased reliability.

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RSP Series Managed Switches

The new RSP family of switches with robust hardware and a powerful operating system, are able to withstand extremely harsh environmental conditions. For the first time, the integration of new redundancy protocols allows uninterrupted data communication. These new techniques, PRP (Parallel Redundancy Protocol) and HSR (High-Availability Seamless Redundancy), are based on the international IEC62439 standard and therefore guarantee future security and interoperability.

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RSR Series Rugged Managed Ethernet Switches

RSR series switches are available with optional gigabit ports and an extended temperature range of -40 °C to + 85°C. Ultra-fast ring recovery times under 10 ms are possible using HiPer-Ring redundancy protocol and the switch's robust metal housing offers extended RFI/EMI and vibration immunity.

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MS20/30 Managed Modular DIN Rail Mount Ethernet Switches

The MS20 series of Ethernet switches have eight to twenty-four 100 Mbps max ports. Fully managed (web, SNMP and CLI) IGMP snooping (multicast filtering), VLAN, port mirroring, port control, port security, link alarms, broadcast limiter, traffic diagnostics, HIPER-Ring redundancy, RSTP, etc. The MS30 series of Ethernet switches have the same functionality and features as the MS20 series, with the exception of an added slot for a Gigabit Media Module .

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Magnum ESD42 Dual-Homing Switch

Magnum ESD42 Dual-Homing Switch

The Magnum ESD42 provides dual-homing on Ports 1 and 2 and provides a redundant upstream connection which may be fiber or copper, or one of each, with Four 10/100 ports for connection of local nodes.

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