Industrial Ethernet Routers


EAGLE20 Series Industrial Firewall/VPN Router System

This product is no longer available for order. 

The EAGLE One Security Router is a full drop-in replacement for the EAGLE 20 Security Router. 

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EAGLE One Industrial Security Router

The EAGLE One security router provides comprehensive network protection. It is a versatile, ruggedized device that ensures maximum data protection for production systems. Designed to withstand the harshest industrial conditions, this security router is ideal for industries such as oil and gas and power. It is easy to integrate into existing networks and features a unique “firewall learning mode” that reduces installation risks. Advanced redundancy capabilities and low power consumption round out the compelling feature set of this product.

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EAGLE Tofino Industrial Firewall/VPN Router Systems

This product is no longer available for order.

The Tofino Xenon is a full replacement for the EAGLE Tofino Industrial Firewall/VPN Router Systems. 

For detailed information about the suggested alternative products please download the Long Term Product Support Notification.


EAGLE20-0400 and EAGLE30-0402 Multi-Port Firewalls

With new router redundancy and wide area network (WAN) interface, Hirschmann’s updated multi-port firewalls, the EAGLE20-0400 and EAGLE30-0402, help achieve maximum network availability and security in any industrial setting.

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MACH100 Work Group Switches

MACH100 switches are designed primarily for the control room environment and the verge of the office world. They offer an operating temperature from 0 °C to 50 °C with fan-less cooling as well as low initial investment, high quality and durability. There are switches available with a fixed port number or as modular workgroup switches. The possible option of SFP modules increases the flexibility to cope with changes in the network in the most efficient way.

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MACH1000 Ruggedized Switches

Ruggedized MACH1000 Switches offer the maximum reliability. These switches offer high port density (up to 28 ports), excellent RFI/EMI shielding under extreme conditions and great flexibility. You set up your own switch according to your requirements regarding the number of ports, transmission speed, media type, connector type, temperature range, voltage range and software variant.

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MACH4000 Backbone Switches

The modular, industry-compatible MACH4000 Gigabit Ethernet system is used as an industrial backbone system, and also in applications with high data volumes, such as Voice/Video over IP. The MACH 4000 is a modular, industry-compatible Gigabit Ethernet system in a 19" chassis that is also suitable for use as an industrial backbone system.

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Magnum DX40 Serial Device Router


The Magnum DX40 Serial Device Router supports two serial interfaces and two Ethernet ports, one or both of which may be fiber or both can be 10/100 copper. It combines features of a serial device server, Ethernet switch, IP router, and state-of-the-art firewall in a single product.


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Magnum DX940 Configurable Industrial Cellular Router

The versatile Magnum DX940 Configurable Industrial Router with Cellular combines WAN access, IP routing, Ethernet switching, Serial-to-IP terminal services and advanced security features in a small-footprint industrial package suitable for small and mid-sized remote sites such as electrical substations, renewable power generation facilities and transportation control pedestals. With 3G wireless capability, as well as configurable port options for 10/100 and one Gb copper and fiber media, the DX940 secure access even where wire-line is too difficult or too expensive to deploy.

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Magnum 10XTS Router Terminal Servers

Magnum 10XTS base unit, configurable substation hardened, managed router/terminal server/Ethernet switch. Each unit offers up to eight Ethernet or twenty-eight serial ports as well as two E1/T1 WAN ports and offers dual hot-swap power supplies.

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Magnum 5RX Security Router 

Magnum 5RX Fixed Configuration Security Router

The  Magnum 5RX Security Router is a mid-level, industrial-grade security router  serving the power generation, transmission and distribution markets by  delivering an efficient edge-of-network solution.

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Magnum 10RX Configurable Router and Security Appliance

Magnum 10RX is a configurable router and security appliance offering traditional T1/ E1 WAN routing, MPLS and advanced serial or terminal server functionality. The Magnum 10RX complies with IEC 61850 and is ideal for large substation installations or similar applications where hardness, performance, security, quality of service or diverse protocols are required. The hardware and software versatility of the Magnum 10RX provides flexibility in interworking legacy serial and WAN protocols with next generation high performance Gigabit Ethernet and TCP/IP technology.

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 MSP30-X Modular Ethernet Switch

MSP30-X Modular Ethernet Gigabit Switch

The redesigned Hirschmann MSP30-X Modular Ethernet Gigabit Switch gives customers the highest network availability in the harshest of environments.

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