Magnum 10RX Router

The Magnum 10RX router and security appliance is the next generation of the GarrettCom industrial networking operating system and hardware design. It offers improved performance and security with maximum versatility by supporting a range of networking protocols, while including advanced firewall protection.

For industrial settings where reliability, flexibility and secure systems are critical, particularly the power, transmission and distribution (PT&D) and transportation industries - the Magnum 10RX delivers a simplified solution with performance and security in one product.

The Magnum 10RX also complies with IEC 61850, making it ideal for large substation installations or similar applications where hardness, performance, security, quality of service or diverse protocols are required.

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Customized - Select exact features needed to meet individual network specifications.

Multi-Protocol Support - Enables protocol routing for legacy networks, as well as current IP routing technologies.

Cyber Security Capabilities - Includes built-in firewall protection and virtual private network (VPN) security.

Reduce Network Downtime - The dual hot-swappable feature allows failed power supplies to be replaced in the field on a live network, while the system continues operating on a secondary power unit.

Support for Other Networking Applications - Includes general Ethernet switching and serial terminal connectivity for non-Ethernet installations.

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