Magnum DX40 Router

The Magnum DX40 provides a rugged and secure solution for extending fiber-based connectivity to remote devices in harsh environments such as power utility substations.It combines features of a Serial device server, Ethernet switch and IP router in a single product.

The DX40's dual-serial, dual-Ethernet configuration supports several flexible configurations.It provides resilient dual fiber-based extension from a core Ethernet network to serial devices distributed across a large facility.It serves as a multi-protocol concentration and access point for a fiber-based Ethernet wide area network connection to a small site.

Encrypted per-ses0sion SSL and IPsec VPN capabilities, along with other IP Firewall and port security features, assure cyber-security protections will extend cost effectively all the way to end-point devices and small facilities.

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Serial and Ethernet Interfaces - 2 RS232/RS485 port, software selectable, and 2 Ethernet ports -10/100 BaseTX RJ45 or 100FXSFP/SFF multi/single-mode.

Multiprotocol Support - Async and SCADA to TCP/IP; Ethernet, TCP/IPIP routingNetwork resiliencywith RSTP Serial multipoint and Multi-master topologies.

Cyber Security Protection - Cyber Security protection: Serial SSL; Secure HTTP; IPSec encrypted VPNs; Ethernet port security; TCP/IP firewall; Serial port SSL; Max serial port VLANs.

Hardened for Harsh Environments - 1613 / IEC 61850-3.

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