Dymec Links Serial Media Converters

Dymec models 5843 and 5844 are hardened fiber optic Link/Repeaters that convert RS232 or TTL levelcopper to amplitude based fiber output. 5843 and 5844 Link/Repeaters support data rates from dc to 250k bps, DCE or DTE port configuration and a diagnostic/test mode that allows testing of the copper and fiber connections before the connected IED is active in the network.

Dymec 5941 and 5942 Data Links are designed as full duplex four channel devices. Four channelshave bandwidth of DC to 64k bps (D4 version), and on the (D1 version) three of the channels have bandwidth of DC to 4k bps. Used in point-to-point RS-232 applications, 5941 and 5942 Data Links are designed to pass handshaking or flow control signals along with data. These links do not utilize the flow signals for their operation. Like all Dymec digital-to-fiber optic products, they are passive to all software protocols, and simply send the communications signals from one node to the other.

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Flexible - Three serial varieties available:RS232 Single Channel, Multi- Channel and RS485 models are available.

Hardened - Packaged in rugged, industrial quality Galva Neal and powder coated shells.Operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C

Class 1, Div 2 - Certified for use in hazardous locations in the US and Canada; allows use of Dymec Links in ignitable environments requiring spark-free operation.metal packaging is standard and conformal coating for protection against moisture and corrosion is also available.

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