Switch Software - The Classic Switch Software (Release 9)

The new 9.0 release increases again the feature range for managed switches from the MACH, MICE, Rail and OCTOPUS families from Hirschmann.

Depending on the switch family, these include an integrated IEC61850 server for seamless integration into data networks for power generation and distribution. A PTP power profile according to IEEE C37.238 also allows to accurately synchronizing these networks. Thanks to support for Jumbo frames, which ensure optimum utilization of user data, high-resolution video applications are also possible.

Furthermore, in addition to extensions for PROFINET and Ethernet/IP, the new release for all four switch families offers additional mechanisms for detecting overload situations as well as improved diagnostic and encryption mechanisms.

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Layer 2 Basic: Suitable for RSB20, OCTOPUS.The cost-effective entrance into managed switch capabilities. Includes statistics, filters, and redundancy technologies. The alternative for unmanaged switches.

Layer 2 Enhanced: Suitable for RS20/RS30/RS40, MS20/MS30.Basic level plus a wide range of management, filter and diagnostic functions. Fast redundancy mechanisms, industrial profiles like EtherNet/IP and PROFINET and security features are also supported. Ideally suited for standard industrial applications.

Layer 2 Professional: Suitable for RS20/RS30/RS40, MS20/MS30, OCTOPUS, PowerMICE, RSR20/RSR30, MACH100, MACH1000, MACH4000.Enhanced software plus extended diagnostic, filter properties, security and redundancy features. A software package for applications where great value is placed on uncompromising plant safety and the highest level of availability.


Layer 3 Enhanced: Suitable for PowerMICE, MACH4000.Professional L2 software plus additional security, static routing, router and link redundancy. The Layer 3 software for smaller networks and applications with extended security requirements.

Layer 3 Professional: Suitable for PowerMICE, MACH104, MACH1040, MACH4000.Layer 3 Enhanced plus a wide range of dynamic routing protocols, fast router redundancy and enhanced link redundancy.




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