HiLCOS 9.12 Software

Hirschmann HiLCOS 9.12 software ensures maximum network availability and data security across wireless connections especially in mobile applications.

The latest enhancements to the HiLCOS Software - which supports Hirschmann's entire OpenBAT family of industrial wireless local area network (WLAN) devices - enables network managers to confidently manage secure and reliable wireless connections.

In challenging industrial environments - especially transportation (railways), power transmission and distribution, oil and gas, renewable energy, machine building and hazardous environments - the HiLCOS 9.12 software enables network communication across long distances.

In HiLCOS 9.12, you'll find the features to help you improve network security by detecting new threats, identifying the source, locating the attack and providing scalability and ease of configuration. All of this is made possible by using the WLC (Wireless LAN Controller).

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Protect WLAN network from new threats - Identify the source and location of the intrusion and provide configuration scalability

Roaming enhancements - Reduce roaming handover time

Wireless coach coupling - Coach-to-coach coupling solution without serial bridging cable between the devices


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