S-Ring for Magnum 6K Switches - Software for Redundancy Management

Magnum S-Ring™ Redundancy Manager software product, built upon networking industry standards including IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) and 802.1d Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), enables Magnum 6K Managed Switches to simplify and speed up recovery from faults in Industrial Ethernet LAN configurations that use a ring structure. With S-Ring, fault tolerant LANs finally can have both standards and speed.

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Fast fault-recovery - in Ethernet LAN ring structures
Extensions - to industry standard Spanning Tree Protocol
Multi-vendor hubs and switches - supported in the rings--both managed and unmanaged
Large rings (50+ members) - over long distances using fiber media
User controlled set-up - for ring management via software commands
Auto Ring-Learn - Scan feature
Ring-Scan feature - simplifies ring definitions and makes reliable installation easy

S-Ring Timing Data:

  • Standard 10 Mb hubs in the ring: 0.853 sec. (0.792-1.70) qty 3
  • Standard 100 Mb hubs in the ring:1.12 sec. (0.979-1.85 ) qty 3
  • Unmanaged 100 Mb switches in ring, quantity 5:
    • Path Recovery: 0.936 seconds (0.140 to 2.21 range)
    • Fault Recovery, P62F: 424 seconds (308 to 570 range)
    • Fault Recovery, QS: 186 seconds (130 to 217 range)
    • Fault Recovery, 4K24: 423 seconds (299 to 566 range)
  • Managed switches in ring, Link-Loss-Learn enabled, qty 7:
    • Path Recovery: 0.182 seconds (0.140 to 0.210 range)
  • Fault Recovery: 0.214 seconds (0.145 to 0.275 range)
  • Fault Recovery, 6K, Gigabit*: 0.447 sec. (0.280 to 0.490 range)
    • Quantity 50 mP62 Fault Recovery: 0.208 sec. (0.200-0.215)
    • *Fiber GBICs with Gigabit Ethernet protocol, IEEE 802.3z

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