Time Synchronization Capabilities

Time Synchronization - Industrial NetworksPrecise time synchronization is required to ensure that devices have accurate clocks for system control and data acquisition. In substation automation, time synchronization is especially important for time stamping of sampled values (IEC61850-9-2) of current, and voltage values require accurate clocks inside the merging units.

Precision timing is always in demand in automation technology when procedures require precise synchronization. The field of Motion Control is an important area of application. Here, Precision Time Protocol (PTP) helps to synchronize drives inside a robot, for example, or a printing press, a packaging or paper processing machine.

Time synchronization is used to precisely synchronize internal (time) clocks in IEDs, MUs, protection/control units, Ethernet switches and wherever processes need to be synchronized. Time synchronization helps to achieve accurate control and precise global analysis of network response and when, where and why any faults have occurred.



MACH100 Work Group Switches

MACH100 switches are designed primarily for the control room environment and the verge of the office world. They offer an operating temperature from 0 °C to 50 °C with fan-less cooling as well as low initial investment, high quality and durability. There are switches available with a fixed port number or as modular workgroup switches. The possible option of SFP modules increases the flexibility to cope with changes in the network in the most efficient way.

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MACH1000 Ruggedized Switches

Ruggedized MACH1000 Switches offer the maximum reliability. These switches offer high port density (up to 28 ports), excellent RFI/EMI shielding under extreme conditions and great flexibility. You set up your own switch according to your requirements regarding the number of ports, transmission speed, media type, connector type, temperature range, voltage range and software variant.

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MACH4000 Backbone Switches

The modular, industry-compatible MACH4000 Gigabit Ethernet system is used as an industrial backbone system, and also in applications with high data volumes, such as Voice/Video over IP. The MACH 4000 is a modular, industry-compatible Gigabit Ethernet system in a 19" chassis that is also suitable for use as an industrial backbone system.

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 MSP30 Layer 3 Switch

MSP30 Layer 3 Switch

Belden has extended its range of Hirschmann MSP30 configurable modular rail switches for mission-critical applications by adding the managed MSP30 Layer 3 switch. This new switch provides extensive routing functions that enable communication between physically separated networks.

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 MSP30-X Modular Ethernet Switch

MSP30-X Modular Ethernet Gigabit Switch

The redesigned Hirschmann MSP30-X Modular Ethernet Gigabit Switch gives customers the highest network availability in the harshest of environments.

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RSP Series Managed Switches

The new RSP family of switches with robust hardware and a powerful operating system, are able to withstand extremely harsh environmental conditions. For the first time, the integration of new redundancy protocols allows uninterrupted data communication. These new techniques, PRP (Parallel Redundancy Protocol) and HSR (High-Availability Seamless Redundancy), are based on the international IEC62439 standard and therefore guarantee future security and interoperability.

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Magnum 10K

Magnum 10K Managed Switches

Magnum 10K Managed Switches provide the bandwidth and advanced port configurability for data-intensive utility and industrial applications such as the Smart Grid. New advanced thermal design techniques enable the 10K Family to deliver high reliability and configurability even at extended operating temperatures. Special rack-mount cooling features include Thermal Fins for extra heat dissipation and internal heat transfer techniques that use the case as a heat sink. Cooler operation of internal electronic components leads to longer life-time and increased reliability.

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Magnum 10XTS Router Terminal Servers

Magnum 10XTS base unit, configurable substation hardened, managed router/terminal server/Ethernet switch. Each unit offers up to eight Ethernet or twenty-eight serial ports as well as two E1/T1 WAN ports and offers dual hot-swap power supplies.

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Magnum 10ETS Ethernet Terminal Servers

Base unit, configurable substation hardened, managed terminal server. Each unit provides ten modular slots for up to thirty-six Ethernet and serial port combinations. Unit offers dual hot-swappable power supplies, optional IRIG-B module and Incl. MNS-DX license.

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