Magnum S14 Switches

Magnum S14 Unmanaged Switch

The 4-port Magnum S14 Convenient Switch family covers the full range of application environments, with regular (office), hardened (factory floor) and premium-rated (outdoor) versions. Extra features for heavy-duty and extended temperature operation ranges are included selectively in the hardened factory-floor and premium-rated outdoor models. This three-level selection of models offers the best price-to-value for each user and installation.

For any user who needs a small chunk of Ethernet connectivity, a 4-port "go anywhere" Magnum S14 Switch is a versatile and handy solution. It provides edge access Ethernet ports it in a convenient and compact package.

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Compact - Offers four switch 10/100 RJ-45 ports, three in front, one in the rear in a small "go-anywhere" package.

Port Flexibility - Available with 12, 24, -48V DC as well as AC Power.

Hardened - Models available for both industrial (factory floor) and outdoor (temperature-uncontrolled environments).

Mounting Flexibility - May be DIN-Rail, panel mounted or fit into Magnum MC14-TRAY.

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