RS20/30 Series Switches

RS Series Unmanaged Switch

The RS20 compact OpenRail unmanaged Ethernet switches can accommodate from four to twenty-five port densities and are available with Fast Ethernet Uplink Ports, All Copper, or one to two Fiber Ports, or three Fiber ports. The fiber ports are available in multi-mode and/or single-mode.

The RS30 compact OpenRail unmanaged Ethernet switches can accommodate from ten to twenty-six port densities with eight, sixteen or twenty-four Fast Ethernet ports and two Gigabit Uplink Ports.

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Reliability - Models available for environments ranging from -40C to +70C and designed to tolerate harsh industrial or outdoor environments that would shorten the life of office grade switches.

Flexibility - Available in standard configurations ranging from 4 to 26 ports, with both 10/100 copper and 100Mb fiber ports, with optional Gigabit ports.These switches offer the ideal mix of flexibility, horsepower, and value in compact packages. Both multi- and single-mode fiber port options are available. Optional PoE ports.

Plug & Play - There is no need for additional documentation, standard procedures, or operator training when RS20/30 unmanaged switches are installed in the field.


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