BAT Family of WLAN Solutions

The BAT WLAN Solution Set includes a broad portfolio of Access Points, Clients, Antennas, Controllers, Network Management Solutions, and Planning Software options that work together seamlessly, providing one of the industry's most robust solutions for maximum mobility, flexibility and network availability in today's industrial environments. 

Featuring new, innovative, and patented technology the BAT Family now provides you robust connections with speeds of up to 450 Mbps, automatic filtering technology, and extensive security allowing you the implementation of communication solutions via WLAN that were previously the exclusive domain of cable based networks.

With the recent release of the new OpenBAT Access Points, new Client Solutions, and the HiLCOS V9.0 Firmware , Hirschmann opens a wide range of new possibilities for using WLAN in previously challenging environments.

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Magnum DX940 Configurable Industrial Cellular Router

The versatile Magnum DX940 Configurable Industrial Router with Cellular combines WAN access, IP routing, Ethernet switching, Serial-to-IP terminal services and advanced security features in a small-footprint industrial package suitable for small and mid-sized remote sites such as electrical substations, renewable power generation facilities and transportation control pedestals. With 3G wireless capability, as well as configurable port options for 10/100 and one Gb copper and fiber media, the DX940 secure access even where wire-line is too difficult or too expensive to deploy.

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