Wireless LAN Controller from Hirschmann

More and more WLAN applications are being used in the field of automation. The IEEE 802.11n standard with the OpenBAT Family enables data rates data rates of up to 450 Mbit/s while simultaneously extending the range and stability of wireless transmissions. Centralized management guarantees secure operation in an industrial network and provides the necessary overview. The Hirschmann BAT-Controller WLC was especially developed for this purpose. There is no need to replace existing Hirschmann access points from the BAT range with new devices designed to use controllers, these access points can be operated either with or without controllers. This means that your WLAN can be extended step by step, when it becomes necessary, supplemented by a Hirschmann BAT-Controller WLC.

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Automatic configuration - and central management of all the access points in the WLAN

Compatible - with all Hirschmann access points in the BAT Family

Full throughput of payload data - as per IEEE 802.11n for each access point

Integrated IP router - with firewall and VPN support

User authentication - compliant with IEEE 802.1x, RADIUS and LEPS

Fast roaming - possible across a number of subnetworks

Automatic frequency management - in the 2.4 and 5 GHz waveband

High availability - achieved through redundancy and backup mechanisms

A number of WLAN networks - can be linked using the VPN gateway function

19" unit - for use in control rooms

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