vscale_d2vSCALE D2 stand-alone consoles feature an integrated graphic-CPU using standard communication such as CANopen or Ethernet to the cSCALE control system.  This console has a 4.3" display and be mounted either in-dash or on-dash with landscape or portrait orientation.

The vSCALE D2 console is ergonomically designed and easy to operate.  It features function keys (softkeys and hardkeys), a rotary encoder and LED indicators.  Designed with true outdoor housing with an IP67 protection class, the vSCALE D2 console is also equipped with an LED backlight and has the ability to store up to 4 GB of memory.


  • Display size: 4.3" (430x272 pixels)
  • In-dash or on-dash mounting
  • Landscape or portrait orientation
  • Available as monitor console, stand-alone console or console with integrated PLC control
  • Ethernet, CAN (different CAN protocols) and USB communication interfaces
  • Integrated in- / outputs
  • Options:
    • Touch screen
    • Video inputs with video overlay
    • Compact version with touch screen only
    • Extended version with additional numerical keypad
    • Bluetooth, GPS/GSM, WLAN, Radio communication or RFID