IP20_2xbThe cSCALE controls are a part of the iSCALE Control System that was designed to deliver efficient control solutions to meet the demands of any mobile machinery application. Its modular design provides a flexible control platform that supports customized solutions while incorporating tomorrow's safety standards, such as SIL2 and EN13849 PL d.

The iSCALE Control System consists of CPUs ranging from low-end to high-end controls that are available with a modular system design of I/O and communication options. The controls combine 32-bit microprocessor technology with an integrated system for safety related applications in a compact housing designed for harsh environments.


  • Offers flexible I/O configuration combined with a compact design
  • Allows up to 200 I/Os in the base system and supports an expansion rack
  • Includes integrated communication interfaces
  • Additional communication options can also be adapted to tailor the system to the application requirements