qSCALE I2 / I3

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qSCALE I2 / I3 is an effective management solution for load moment devices that meets the current and future application needs of mobile cranes.  The qSCALE I2 / I3 combines visualization and load moment indication in one device.The time required for calibration is greatly reduced and maintenance costs and repairs are minimized due to the high quality and reliability of the system.

The unique and "easy-to-use" qSCALE I2 / I3 Crane Configurator tool excludes complex application software programming. Simple configuration of the crane parameters and features, including the LMI functions, significantly reduces the system integration time. qSCALE I2 / I3 Crane Configurator comes with a comprehensive set of default graphics and languages, so the graphic layout can be defined in just a few clicks. Detailed documentation of the crane configuration and crane data, as well as comprehensive service menus, are available on the console and PC.


  • Flexible load moment indicator for mobile cranes
  • Easy to use Configuration Tool
  • Simplified calibration procedure
  • Superior HMI graphics with 4.3" & 7" display options
  • System supports wireless & hardwired sensors
  • Datalogger (supports industry standards including Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM))