pSENS_DAVSpSENS DAVS single port pressure transducers measure the static and dynamic pressure values of liquids or gases in rough operating environments.  Precise measurements are maintained even during continuous operation at extremely dynamic pressure.  The pressure transducers include a pressure connector with a standardized G1/4 A thread.  The matching hydraulic adaptor is available as an accessory.

These sensors are typically used as part of a Hirschmann load moment indicator or control system for cranes.  Since the pressure transducers are suitable for rough environments, they also offer an ideal solution for control applications in conveyor, lifting, and hydraulic construction equipment.


  • Highly accurate
  • High overload capacity and endurance limit
  • Very rugged design
  • Reliable under extreme conditions
  • Cost effective solution
  • Temperature range: -40 ºC up to +85 ºC