gSENS_LWG_508gSENS LWG cable reels can be used on all types of equipment where the length and angle of the telescopic boom needs to be measured.  This cable reel consists of a housing, spring-loaded cable drum with measuring cable and mounting equipment for installation on the boom. Included in the housing are a length sensor, angle sensor, slip ring, and circuit board.

The number of turns and the diameter of the cable drum define the length of the uncoiled cable, which determines the length of the boom.  In addition to the length measurement, the cable can also be used for signal transmission to the tip of the boom.  The angle measurement is determined by the capacitive angle sensor, gSENS LWG.


gSENS LWG angle/length sensors differentiate themselves by offering:

  • Telescopic lengths greater than 50 meters
  • Output signals, 4-20 mA and CANopen
  • Compact construction
  • Simple installation
  • Exact measurement of the boom
  • Signal transmission of additional sensors via the length sensor cable
  • Up to 15 slip ring contacts for signal transmission
  • Redundant options available on request