gSENS WGX Tilt SensorgSENS WGX is a new and very compact generation of MEMS based inclination sensors, applicable for all kinds of angle and position measurements on mobile machines.  The product is available as a one axis angle sensor and two axis leveling sensor.  Typical applications include determination of a crane boom angle, the leveling of an undercarriage and all kinds of alignment tasks on mobile machines.

Based on a 3rd generation MEMS chip, the gSENS WGX sensors provide a completely sealed housing with very compact dimensions.  For redundant applications they can be stacked together mechanically.  Flexible customizing features enable quick calibration and easy adaptation to the appropriate measuring task.  Both variants can be delivered with CANopen or 4…20mA current loop interface.



  • Absolute encoder
  • Measuring via MEMS technology
  • Single and two-axis configurations
  • Any zero-point setting via software
  • Compact design
  • Long service life due to no mechanical wear