DS50 Upgrade

The DS 160 is an economical upgrade solution for Manitex cranes with existing DS 50 load moment indicators. The DS 160 provides crane owners with a combination of the latest technology while incorporating many of the existing proven sensors and components. All set up is done through the user-friendly operator's console, with no costly and time consuming re-calibration.

DS50 Upgrades to DS160:

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  • No re-calibration
  • Displays actual and allowable load, boom length, boom angle, and load radius
  • Use existing boom components
  • Integrated bar graph provides a quick reference of the cranes utilization
  • User-friendly console and setup
  • Meets SAE and ANSI B-30.5 standards  

DS50 to DS160 Upgrade Literature

*Please Note: Not all options are a direct replacement. Please contact your dealer or Hirschmann for more details.