iVISOR maestro

maestro_125pixelsBelow are the main components of this system. To find information on an item, select the part number from the list. There may be several different types of the same component
listed. If this is the case, this system could be using any of these items. To
choose the correct one, you will have to find the part number on your existing part.

 050-160-060-008  CONSOLE, MAESTRO / 0008
 Central Unit (CU) 
 024-160-060-009  CENTRAL UNIT, MAESTRO
 Length / Angle Sensor
 068-208-060-013  SENSOR, LENGTH/ANGLE LWG208
 A2B Switch  
 031-002-060-011  SWITCH, A2B W/ CRIMP W/ 12" WIRE
 Pressure Transducer 
 031-300-060-452  SENSOR, PRES. TRAN.DAVS300/3401 4.20mA, 300 bar,M12,9/16-18

Please note:  Part numbers and service documentation are subject to change.  When verifying with one of the contacts below, be sure that the following information is available: existing partnumber, explanation of problem, crane model and serial number.  Direct all inquiries to your local Hirschmann Premier Dealer or contact Hirschmann's service department via email: hirschmann.mcs-parts@belden.com.