Certified System Vendor

Certified System Vendor (CSV)
CSVsWhat is a Belden IBDN CSV?

A Belden IBDN Certified System Vendor (CSV) is an independent structured cabling contractor/integrator that has successfully completed the Belden IBDN CSV Training Program and has entered into an IBDN CSV Agreement with Belden. CSVs who sell and install Belden IBDN Certified Systems in accordance with all applicable guidelines are authorized to offer a Belden 25-year Product Warranty and Belden's Lifetime Application Assurance Program to their end-user customers.

Find A CSV

Consult our Certified System Vendor Locator page to find a CSV near you – anywhere around the globe.

If You'd Like to Become a CSV…

Belden offers a series of programs and incentives for authorized Belden IBDN CSVs, including free company advertising on the Belden website. Appointment to the CSV program is based on many factors, and only a select group of applicants are appointed to the program.

Contractors/integrators who provide products and services within a nationwide footprint and offer a wide spectrum of services and network integration capabilities in the telecom industry can attain the status of a National CSV. To learn more about our CSV program, the appointment process and the many benefits of being a CSV, please contact the Belden District Sales Manager in your area by consulting our Global Sales Rep directory at 1-800-BELDEN1.

Please also visit our CSV training program page for more information about the courses offered.