Compression Connectors and Tools

For Maximum Signal Integrity and Performance, Use Belden Compression Connectors, Cable and Tools  

NP313_BkgndBuilt to Belden's exacting standards, Belden Connectors and Tools, combined with Belden Coaxial Cables, offer a complete top-quality, end-to-end field installation solution that will provide maximum signal reliability and performance.  Belden also uses a compression technique that provides a smooth and consistent seal to reduce signal ingress or egress, prevent moisture penetration and improve the overall quality of the installation.  Other connector systems use a crimping technique which damages the jacket, dielectric and wire, resulting in multiple signal leakage points and moisture entry.


Compression Connectors


Belden BNC, RCA and F Compression Connectors exceed SCTE Standards for signal ingress, egress and water migration, while providing exceptional aesthetic and strength characteristics.  They ensure optimal connector performance by offering:

  • Visual confirmation of cable entry
  • Better performance with improved signal impedance
  • A simple product and installation process removes installation inconsistencies


Viewed Cable Entry/Termination


Belden offers the ability to see the cable enter the connector, and for BNC and RCA connectors, a unique pop-up pin confirms a proper termination and contact point.  Being able to visually confirm the cable termination means better and faster installation.


1. Cable Enters Connector   2. Pin is Pushed Through   3. Pin becomes clearly visible



Universal Type F Series Connectors

  • For standard, tri-shield and quad-shield RG6U and RG/59U coaxial cable
  • Designed to work with Belden Compression Tool CPLCRBC-BR and Stripping Tool PSA59/6

Universal Type RCA Series Connectors

  • For standard, tri-shield and quad-shield RG/6U coaxial cable
  • Designed to work with Belden Compression Tool CPLCRBC-BR and Stripping Tool PSA59/6

Universal Type BNC Series Connectors

  • For standard, tri-shield and quad-shield RG/6U, RG/6U Plenum Type 2, RG/59U and RG/59U Plenum sizes 2/4 coaxial cable
  • RG/59U for CCTV
  • Mini RGB for 22-24 AWG cable
  • For 24-26 AWG cable
  • Designed to work with Compression Tool CPLCRBC-BR and Stripping Tools PSA59/6 and PS59/6/RGB


Compression Tools


Belden's Compression Tools are ergonomically sound and feature high quality aircraft-grade materials for increased durability.  Benefits include

  • Easier to use, with less force needed
  • Reduced installation time
  • Guarantees a positive compression – done right the first time
  • Requires no calibration when changing connector or cable types
  • No additional dies to purchase, unlike crimp connectors





Compression Tool CPLCRBC-BR

  • Creates three 360-degree compression connections (one interior and one exterior) for a permanent connection with superior moisture protection
  • Works with BNC, RCA and F Series Connectors
  Strip Tools for RG/59U or RG/6U Cable (PSA59/6)
            And Mini RGB Cable (
  • Heavy spring for stripping quad cable (PSA59/6)
  • Lighter spring for delicate mini coax (PS59/6/RGB)
  • Built-on Flaring tool for RG6 (PSA59/6)
  • Patented positive stop for a perfect ¼" – ¼" prep every time
  • Steel rollers for ease of use
  • Replaceable blade cartridge


Belden Cables


Safety_Security-GroupBelden Cables have been the preferred choice of the Audio/Video, Safety and Security industries for decades and are deployed in every location imaginable from security cameras at a casino to multi-national corporate video conferencing suites. Belden is also the choice of installers for audio/video applications in houses of worship, universities, hospitals, concert halls, and many other installations across the globe.


If Belden cable is used in conjunction with Belden's Compression Connectors a Limited Lifetime Warranty can be offered.

Available from Belden - A Company You Trust     

For years you have been buying Belden bulk cable. Now allow us to also provide connector and tool solutions that will save you time, money and frustration - and that will allow you to purchase top-quality end-to-end solutions from a single, most-trusted source: Belden.

Belden Cable Assemblies


AV-SafetySecure_CablesReduce your installation time even further through use of Belden Cable Assemblies. They are built to exacting specifications in a highly controlled factory environment and offer a Lifetime Warranty.


For more information on Belden's Cable Assemblies, click here.