Installation Guides

Installation Guides

Belden Installation Guides are available to provide you step-by-step instructions for installing our networking products. Multiple language options are provided as shown. To find the guide for the product you need, drill down by category, then click on the language option of choice to begin the pdf download.

If the Installation Guide you are seeking is not here, please let us know what product you need help with.

Cabling Design Guides

Copper Structured Cabling Design Guide - English / Français
Optical Fiber Structured Cabling Design Guide - EnglishFrançais
Recommendations for Workstation Outlets using Shielded Jacks - English

Copper Modular Jack Connectors

10GX Shielded KeyConnect Modular Jack (PX105477 - English / Français
10GX Shielded KeyConnect Modular Jack Termination Video - English
CAT5E Shielded KeyConnect Modular Jack (PX105475) - English / Français
CAT6+ Shielded KeyConnect Modular Jack (PX105476) - English / Français
Terminating 10GX Modular Jacks - English / Français
Terminating CAT6 and CAT5E Modular Jacks - English / Français
Terminating EZ-MDVO UTP Modular Jacks - English / Français

Copper Patch Panels

10GX Patch Panel mounting on 19" racks - English / Français
UHDPP, 48-port/1U 10GX/CAT6+/CAT5E - English / Français
KeyConnect 10GX, CAT6+/CAT5E (Preloaded) - English / Français
CAT6+ HD Patch Panel - English / Français
AngleFlex Patch Panel (Keystone-style) - English / Français
KeyConnect Angled 10GX CAT6+/CAT5E (preloaded) - English / Français
KeyConnect Front Access Patch Panels - English / Français
FLEX Patch Panel - English / Français
CAT5E HD-110 12-port Patch Box - Bilingual
CAT5E HD-110 Connector Module, 12-port - Bilingual
CAT5E HD-110 Patch Panel - Bilingual
CAT5E HD-BIX 12-port Patch Box - Bilingual
CAT5E HD-BIX connector module, 12-port - Bilingual
CAT5E HD-BIX Patch Panel - Bilingual
Rear Cable Management Bar - English / Français
Shielded KeyConnect Patch Panel - English / Français

FConn/Cable Pro

One Piece RGB Mini-Coax Connectors - English
Multi-Piece RGB Mini-Coax Connectors - English
Double Bubble 360 System "F" Connector Double Bubble 360 System "BNC" Connector - English
Commercial Series RG11 FS11V - English
Wall Plate System RGB BNC - English
Wall Plate System RG6 RCA - English
Cable Pro Strippers - English
Complete Set of FConn/Cable Pro training presentations- English

FiberExpress Connectors

Optimax LC, SC and ST Compatible Connectors 2007 - Bilingual
Optimax LC Connector 2005 - Bilingual
Optimax SC Connector 2005 - Bilingual
Optimax ST-Type Connector 2005 - Bilingual
FiberExpress Brilliance Connectors - Installation Card - English
FiberExpress Brilliance Connectors - Installation Guide -  English / Français
FiberExpress Brilliance Connector Termination - English

FiberExpress Ultra High Density Patch Panels

Rack-Mount UHD Patch Panel 4U (PX105678)
Rack-Mount UHD Patch Panel 1U (PX105677)
Ultra High Density Patch Panel Installation Video - English

FiberExpress Ultra Patch Panels

Rack-Mount Patch Panel 4U (PX104709) - English / Français
Rack-Mount Patch Panel 1U (PX104493) - English / Français
Wall-Mount Patch Panel (PX104774) - English / Français
Rack-Mount Splice Enclosure (PX104743) - English
Wall-Mount Splice Enclosure (PX104778) - English
Flex Kit (PX104901) - English / Français
Fusion Tray (PX104915) - English / Français

FiberExpress Patch Panels

Fiber Breakout Kit OEM - English / Français
Installing the Fiber Breakout Kit - Bilingual
Installing the Fiber Breakout Kit - English / Français
Fiber Patch Panel 2448 (3U) - English
1U2U Rack Mount Distribution - English / Français
4896 (4U) Patch Panel Assembly - English / Français
Manager Shelf (4U) with pictures - Bilingual
Manager Shelf (4U) - Bilingual
Rack Mount Distribution Panel - Bilingual
Wall Mount 1224, 2448 OR 4896 - Bilingual
Strip, LC High Density - Bilingual
BAR housing and accessories - Bilingual
Manager Ground Kit - English
Manager Splice Holder Kit - Bilingual
Manager 1U Cable Manager - English / Français
Manager 1U Rack Mount - English / Français
Instruction sheet for Flex Kit 19 - Bilingual

HD Brilliance BNC Coax Connectors

Locking BNC Installation Instructions - English
One Piece BNC Installation Instructions - English
Three Piece Crimp Style BNC Installation Instructions - English

IDC & Cross-Connect Systems

10GX IDC Connecting Block - Termination Procedure (PX105081-E) - English
10GX IDC Patch Panel (PX104781-E) - English
10GX IDC X-Conn. Multiple Frames Installation (PX105226-EN) - English
GigaBIX Cable Management Modules - English / Francais
GigaBIX Multi IDC System GigaBIX Termination Bar - BiLingual
GigaBIX Cross-Connect System - English / Français
GigaBIX Cross-Connect System Termination Kit 72-port - English / Français
GigaBIX Cross-Connect System Termination Kit 300-port - English / Français
GigaBIX 19" Rack Mount Patch Panel 48 ports, 3U - English / Français
GigaBIX Cross-Connect System, GigaBIX Ring Spacer - English
GigaBIX Horizontal Channel Plates - English / Français
GigaBIX Cross-Connect System GigaBIX Frame - English / Français
GigaBIX Patch Cord - Bilingual
GigaBIX Patch Cords - English
GigaBIX MediaFlex Adapter - English / Français
BIX Cross-Connect system (50, 250 and 300 pair mounts) - English
110 Cross-Connect System 4-pair Cable - English / Français
110 Cross-Connect System Multi-pair Cable - English / Français
110 Cross-Connect System - English
QTBIX 17 - Go Testing - Bilingual
Trunk Access Block - Bilingual


Ruggedized Metal Body IP20 RJ45 Cat 6 Shielded Plug (PX105479) - English / Français
Unarmored Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Cable Termination Guide


Installation Guides - English
Technical Notes - English


1797B Cable Preparation Tool
-Video Instructions
-Tool Instructions
-Blade Slot Selection Table

Belden Coaxial Compression Connectors/Cable Cross-Reference - English
Termination Station - English / Français

Workstation Outlets

Assembly of MediaFlex Plates - English / Français
Installing a MediaFlex Type Plate and Adapter Boxes - English / Français
Keystone Connector Installation - Bilingual
Interface Plates - English / Français
MDVO Faceplate, 1 to 8 port - Trilingual
MDVO Furniture Adapter (4 port) - Trilingual
MDVO Modules Multimedia Modules QNE4 Series - English / Français
MDVO Patch Box - Bilingual
Mod Furniture Adaptor 3-port - Trilingual
Modular MDVO Double-gang Faceplate - Trilingual
Multi-user Outlet Box, 24 port - Bilingual
Side Entry Box - Trilingual
106 Type Adaptor - Trilingual
Cat5E BIX DVO Outlet - English / Français
Cat5E BIX DVO Double Gang Outlet - English / Français
Tamper Resistant Faceplate English / French
PX106194 – RJ-45 Small UTP Crimpable Plugs - English / Français
PX106195 – RJ-45 Large UTP Crimpable Plugs - English / Français
PX106196 – RJ-45 Small F/UTP Crimpable Plugs - English / Français
PX106197 – RJ-45 Large F/UTP Crimpable Plugs - English / Français

Cable Management

Copper-Fiber Manager Rack - English / Français
Multi-rack - Bilingual