Network Visibility & Monitoring

Purpose-Built Solutions for Managing Industrial Networks

Robust software solutions for controlling & managing your industrial                      automation applications.

Belden network management software solutions are uniquely designed to manage industrial networks, enabling full visibility of network and automation devices. Hirschmann Industrial HiVision software—when used with Hirschmann Ethernet switches—simplifies installation, switch operation, maintenance and equipment diagnostics. These benefits are also available when using third-party Ethernet devices.

Combine our leading industrial network software with Tripwire Cybersecurity Solutions for complete visibility, control and security of your OT network and industrial control systems.

HiVision Industrial Network Management Software

  • Experience comprehensive network protection
  • Gain instant visibility of key performance indicators with the network dashboard
  • Identify, map & configure all network infrastructure, SNMP-enabled devices from any manufacturer
  • Free trial version with unlimited use of benefits before purchase

Hirschmann HiOS Operating Software for increased power & performance of industrial Ethernet switches

  • Intelligent & unique combinations of network redundancy protocols for all physical & virtual needs
  • Highest availability & network security in one package

Secure Remote Access Software

  • Increased efficiency & security system availability with remote control & diagnostics for PLCs & network components  
  • Integrated security features for assured network protection, without reconfiguring corporate firewalls
  • Real-time remote access & control of networks for fast & efficient troubleshooting

Tripwire Industrial Visibility Software for deep ICS visibility

  • Passive scanning detects data security vulnerabilities & exposures without interrupting operations
  • Attack vector blocking with threat modeling for your most critical assets
  • Automated security controls catch deviations from a secure baseline


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