Networking & Communication Solutions for Rail Systems

Secure & compliant solutions connecting passengers, rail staff & systems

To ensure passenger comfort and convenience amidst increasing urbanization and commuting, today’s public transit systems demand advanced passenger information systems that support the latest applications. This includes everything from high-throughput Wi-Fi and digital signage, to seating reservations and automated ticketing. At the same time, rail operators strive to ensure maximum security, safety and efficiency of operations through digitalization and emerging smart transportation technologies like automated train control (ATC), predictive maintenance, vehicle tracking, and automated fuel and fleet management.

As the variety and complexity of digital applications and data grows, transit operators are turning to high-performance, future-proof communication networks that support reliable, secure, low-latency and high-speed signal transmission. To reduce operating expense, these networks also need components designed to withstand harsh environments and ease deployment. From the bus or car, to the tunnel, wayside equipment, station and control center, Belden’s unmatched portfolio of industrial networking solutions meets the evolving needs of the transit industry. And it’s all backed by the best product warranties in the industry, compliance with the latest regulations and a comprehensive customer innovation center with services to support the digitization and maintenance of transportation networks.

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