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At Belden we consider people´s potential, not their past. Therefore, we are constantly looking for new talents with various professional and academic backgrounds. Because we believe that diverse teams perform better, are innovative and bring in more added value to our company.


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Who we are:

We are the Technical Solutions EMEA team at Belden! Globally, we have invested in 5 Customer Innovation Centers (CIC), where we could connect, engage and collaborate with our customers. Our teams’ hub is the CIC located in our office in Neckartenzlingen, Germany. We are a team of technical experts, who engage in Technical Consulting, Project Management, Education & Events and Expert Service & Support.


Our mission:

Our customers are building the future. We build the network that makes it possible.


Our values:

The Technical Solutions team provide customers a solution that fits their future plans. We are here to allow a proof-of-concept to be realized or virtualized, and the success of our customer defines the success of our solution.

We have many different technical roles & functions in the CIC, where through teamwork we are able to design the best and most innovative solution for our customers.

We continue to invest in our people to make sure we can deliver the most advanced, reliable & futuristic solution to the market for our customers.

Our team live by these values and we are passionate about having these in our day to day work.


Job areas:

- Solution Consultant: Solution Consultant is the front-end, client interfacing function in CIC, they help our sales team add technical credibility in front of our clients, they are specialized in solution in a specific vertical market.

- Service Engineer: Service Engineer is the backbone of our service deliveries, they are on site at the customer’s factory to perform network assessment, site survey, and they are specialized in specific technology in different innovative fields.

 Who we are:

As an international Finance team with colleagues in Belgium, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland we support the execution of the EMEA strategic and operational plans.


Our mission:

Finance facilitates the operational business to reach or excess their goals by analyzing, planning and challenging performance while complying with all internal and external regulatory requirements.


Our values:

We strongly believe that we will succeed through teamwork! Within our own finance team and also with all our day-to-day partners within IAS EMEA and Belden as a whole.

As the business evolves rapidly, we are continuously improving our daily activities while striving toward operational excellence.


Job areas:

Our finance team is based on 4 pillars:

- Financial Planning and Analysis: takes deep dives in the actual performance of the business and works closely with all stakeholders to deliver reliable outlooks

- Commercial finance: works closely with the Sales team to improve the insights in current and future business

- Business administration and Controlling: works closely with Sales and Commercial Operations to manage all non-technical terms and conditions from offer to post delivery services and supports revenue and margin planning and control

- Accounting: makes sure they deliver reliable actuals complying with local requirements, USGAAP and SOX

Who we are:

We are an international and diverse team with representatives in Germany, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, UK, Denmark, Hungary, Belgium and Tunesia. Within our EMEA HR team we have a strong sense of belonging and we see ourselves as enabler to the business and employees ‘growth & development.

Our vision: Belden is recognized as a great place to work where we can attract and retain diverse and highly capable talent

Our mission:


belden hr logo with words belong believe be youBelong. Believe. Be You. Belden.

Our mission is to see that our employees achieve theirs. We are committed to contribute to our organization’s performance through sound, innovative and proven human resources strategies.

We see ourselves as enabler for cultural and organizational change, our employees´ growth and development and for our business leaders and managers to lead their teams complied with our values and leadership principles. Managing Talent, promoting people from within and strategic succession planning is at its heart.

Our values:

In HR we are highly committed and engaged to be role models and ambassadors of all our six company´s values.

We invest in Talent
is obviously one of the most important values for us as its core is to attract, recruit and retain talents in the organization and help them to develop and grow through coaching and feedback.

We strongly believe in the value of “We succeed together trough Teamwork” as we in HR encourage others to bring in their perspectives, ideas and opinions and step out of their comfort zone to interact with people from other functions, businesses or geographies.

Job areas:

Our HR team is organized in a matrix. This means that we are supporting the business on a regional as well as on a global business unit level. In our HR team we have roles on different levels with more focus on generalist HR topics, such as HR Generalists, HR Business Partners or HR Managers and roles with more focus on specific topics or experts. Those can be, for example, HR Specialists for Payroll, insurances, Comp & Ben, HR Analytics, HR Systems or Talent Management.

Who we are:

We are an international team of +300 people working together in interdisciplinary teams to create value for our customers by producing and delivering high-quality products.

Our mission:

As a Team we deliver solutions. Reliable, flexible and with high quality.

Our values:


1. Processes

- Continuous improvement
- Standardization
- 5 S

2. Leadership

- Focus & priorities
- Further education
- Respectful interactions
- Transparent communication

3. Technology

- Automation
- Digitization

4. Strategy

- Solutions selling
- 24/96 delivery
- Simplification
- Integration
- Sustainability

Job areas:

- Automation: with automation solutions on the shopfloor and in IT services we provide the right tools to create maximum value and quality for our customers.

- EHS: a safe and sustainable treatment for both – our colleagues and the environment – is a core value to us.

- Industrial Engineering: as the interface between the R&D department and our production we put into practice what already works in theory. And by analyzing and optimizing our (production) processes we minimize waste and maximize efficiency.

- Lean: continuous improvement and minimizing waste is our mission.

- Maintenance: keeping our equipment and the machine park running is what we do on a daily basis.

- Material Management: we make sure to have the right inventory available to support reliable order fulfilment towards our customers, by planning production and operational purchasing of finished goods and raw material.

- Real Estate: we ensure that our facilities fulfill all necessary local and global regulations and that the workspaces of our colleagues fit their needs.

- Production: we are manufacturing high quality products to meet our customer's expectations.

- Tooling: we do not only repair and maintain our existing tools, but also create spare tool parts and new tools for our internal machines.

- Quality: our team is committed to setting new standards for quality in our industry and delivering the best products and services to our customers.


Who we are:

We define and develop the current and future hardware and software offering for mission critical network infrastructure in transportation, process industry, manufacturing industry and energy generation/distribution.  


Our mission:

Our motto – “There is always a way to solve the customers problem!”

In industrial environments where “data is the new gold” it is paramount to have hardened and reliable devices. We are providing complete (cyber-) secure network solutions from the sensor to the cloud for the most challenging use cases, often in regulated environments.


Our values:

We success through teamwork – installation habits and technical preferences are different around the globe. To ensure we have the right offering for our international customers we rely on diversity of nationality, location, gender and profession in our team to ensure all requirements of our customers van be captured


Job areas:

- Switching: define how all the precious data will find its way from A to B in a reliable way

- IO Modules: collect and Translate sensor information for state of the art automation networks

- Software: find new ways how people can deal with the complexity of modern networks in an easy fashion.

- Protocols: build translators for legacy automation protocols to extend their life span and make them ready for the current networks

- Wireless: define devices to get information across without cables – especially to moving objects like buses, trains or Self-Driving vehicle.

- Cybersecurity: don’t like hackers? Then help keeping them out of our solutions with state of the art firewall or network access control solutions.

- Edge Solutions: data analytics will move down in the fields – help us shaping his trend with your ideas.


Who we are:

We are a global team of 400+ engineers working in agile project teams to offer the flexibility desired by our customer base across the world.
Our vision: We as passionate teams develop innovative premium solutions to drive sustainably our customers' success in the new digital world.

Our mission:

Provide timely breakthrough innovative products and solutions in industrial communication and connectivity to enable digital transformation and IT/OT convergence and to become Belden INS global innovation leader in this space.

Our values on top of our Belden Values:

Job areas:

- Connectivity / PO: as experts in signal, data and power transmission we provide intelligent and reliable connectivity solutions for today's and tomorrow's industrial applications

- Networking / PO: we drive product development of secure and ruggedized industrial communication networking devices that provide highest reliability, availability, and performance for critical infrastructure and industrial applications

- Mechanical Development: with electromechanical expertise, we ensure our customers' signal, data and power transmission at the direct connection level: durable, versatile and cost-effective

- Electronic Development: using our state-of-the art hardware design tool chain we turn innovative ideas into reliable, future-proof, industrial-grade product solutions

Embedded Software Development Connectivity: specialists in embedded programming and industrial field-bus protocols boost signals securely from the field level in real-time into the cloud

- Embedded Software Development Networking: we create the secure industrial networking functionality of the future, using state-of-the-art tools, processors, and latest telecommunication standards

- Network Management and Orchestration Software (HMI): we provide our customers with the smooth and easy-to-use experience that makes our Belden industrial networks easily accessible and fully transparent anytime for every customer

- PMO - Project Management Office (Scrum Master, Project Manager): enabling agile culture within our organization and teams to drive organization wide empowerment by creation of innovative processes, tools and active coaching

Certifications and Regulatory Affairs: ensure global market access of our product portfolio by research, evaluation and implementation of worldwide standards

Documentation UIUX: through intuitively simple operation and supporting product information, we inspire our customers for our products

- System Testing and Test Automation: we test and validate our secure and ruggedized industrial communication and IO devices to ensure highest reliability, availability and performance for critical infrastructure and industrial applications. This we ensure by applying highest standard in highly automated test environments, continuous integration and customer-oriented validation setups.


    Level 3 Support:
    With our specialist for hardware- and software products we enable CICs worldwide in providing best-in-class customer support.

    Product Areas:
    Managed switches / Core Networking
    Wireless products
    Field switches and Accessories
    IO boxes
    Industrial Protocols
    Industrial Connectors
    System testing and CI/ test automation
    Product certifications and compliance
    Product lifecycle management
    Processes and tools
    Development partner management

Who we are:

The Sales team is committed to building and retaining relationships with our customers. Our goal is to meet our customers where they are and help them achieve better performance, reliability, and efficiency. Our customers are building the future, and we build the networks that make it possible.

Our vision is to be the trusted advisor and network partner of choice for our customers in their digitalization journey.

Our mission

Creating organic sustainable growth with our existing portfolio of products, services and software by generating trust through application knowledge and solution design and empowering our customers to focus on their core competency.

Our value on the top of our Belden values:

- Customers and teamwork
: we value our customers above everything else. To serve and provide the highest service possible, we need extremely strong teamwork – not only within the team, but within the whole organization.

- Sales culture: “Selling is helping” is our motto. Our team is following the values of our Sales culture: no procrastination, solution-oriented team with curiosity and sense of urgency as main values.

Job areas:

- Commercial operations: our team of commercial experts works to quote the most lucrative deals with the least amount of risk.

- Internal account support our team proactively provides excellent and consistent engagement with partners and end-users across EMEA supporting pre-sales activities.

- Solution sales: we are a team of professional Solution Sales Executives who delivers growth in revenue through Solutions-based projects.

- Channel sales: we are tasked to professionally manage and develop a partner landscape that supports the strategies of both business platforms, Industrial Automation and Smart Building.

Who we are:

We are an international team of 200+ people across four locations, collaborating and proactively shaping the Supply Chain end to end. We are responsible for the overall order fulfillment process, forecasting across all plants, from order entry over supplier management and ensuring availability of raw materials and finished goods, up to the delivery to the customer.

Our mission:

We contribute to Belden‘s success by delivering products and solutions to our customers by owning the overall order fulfillment process and actively shaping the supply chain end to end.

Our values:

- Reliability: we promise what we can do and we do as we promise.

- Teamwork: we empower teams and individuals and support them in taking responsibility

- Factual: we promote fact-based decision making and work with clear (K)PI reporting

- Ownership: we appreciate our associates to own and decide even if information is not fully available

- Innovative mindset: we are solution-oriented and drive innovative process improvements.

Job areas:

- Order Fulfillment: manage the customer order process end-to-end, providing reliable information to our customers.

- Demand Management: manage the full S&OP-cycle by converting sales forecasts to demand and production allocation plans.

- Procurement: manage the resilience process in procurement, realize cost-competitive and fitting supplier agreements.

- Warehousing & Distribution: manage the delivery process which includes high standard on reliability and quality at the optimum cost level for delivery of the customer orders.

- Material Management: we make sure to have the right inventory available to support reliable order fulfilment towards our customers, by planning production and operational purchasing of finished goods and raw material.

- Solutions Realization: be the center of excellence for solutions delivery and setup scalable processes for the organization.

- Project Management: manage projects to create breakthrough improvements in supply chain processes.

Our selection process

  1. Application

    You would like to be part of Belden’s journey and are interested in a position? Then, we are looking forward to receiving your application over our career website.

  2. Screening interview (30min)

    Once your application has been received by us, we will check your documents and then arrange a time for a screening interview if you have caught our attention.

  3. Functional interview (60min)

    You have convinced us of your interest, motivation and fit to Belden in the screening interview, then we will invite you to a functional interview to focus on your functional-specific skills and knowledge.

  4. Online assessments

    If the functional interview proves positive for both of us, we will send you an online assessment to find out more about you and your work preferences.

  5. In-person interview & meeting the team (90min)

    After the successful completion of the online assessment, we will invite you to one of our locations for an in-person interview and give you the opportunity to meet your potential future colleagues and the team. 

  6. Job offer

    After that, you will ideally receive a job offer and sign a contract.


If you do not find a suitable position for you, do not hesitate to send us an email with your application and the field/position you would be interested in.