Connecting a Sustainable World

belden Environmental & Social Governance

Our commitment to creating a responsible & sustainable future is an integral part of our shared purpose.

Our Values

At Belden, we are committed to the following values which shape the way we do business. They illustrate our responsibilities to our customers and vendors, to our fellow Belden associates and their families, to the environment in which we operate, and to the communities we serve around the world. 


In all places, and in all situations, Belden is committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity, including our dedication to the environment and our approach to sustainability. We never take professional or ethical shortcuts and our interactions with all businesses, communities and individuals follow the high standards we accept as Belden associates. 

Our Commitment to Environment

Continuous improvement is our way of life. At Belden, we seek to find ways to reduce our environmental impact and implement sustainable practices throughout our value chain. We are committed to developing sustainable processes that limit our environmental footprint while optimizing the environmental impact of our products and services. 

We develop sustainable processes.


  • Climate & Energy
  • Operational Sustainability
  • Waste & Water Mgmt

  • Product Sustainability
With over 100 years in operation, Belden has a recognized reputation for doing business in a responsible and ethical manner. As we continue to pursue sustainability throughout our business operations, we’re focused on environmental integrity, social equity and financial profitability. This framework is the foundation of our commitment to:
  • Protect & preserve the environment surrounding Belden's offices, facilities & areas where our products are found
  • Assess & adopt business practices to promote sustainability, including reducing waste through recycling & manufacturing process control, while increasing water & energy efficiency
  • Innovate & continue to offer environmentally-friendly & LEED certified products to customers seeking sustainable alternatives to traditional products

Belden Direct Corporate Emissions

  • Belden measures energy use at all of its manufacturing facilities and seeks to reduce energy consumption whenever possible, both to reduce environmental impacts and reduce cost. The carbon emissions from our energy use are a significant environmental impact, and we strive to reduce these impacts through procurement of renewable energy and energy efficiency gains wherever possible. 
  • As we enhance our CSR reporting efforts, we are proud to disclose the first data of our greenhouse gas impacts from our operations. This data is reported using the framework of the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting Standard and includes Scope 1 and 2 information for our global manufacturing facilities. While this comprises the vast majority of our emissions, this does not include energy use from our office spaces. We will work to improve our systems to account for our full direct scope emissions and update our disclosures once this data is available. 
  • Comparing our data from 2019, we are also proud to report a 4% decline in our direct corporate emissions in 2020. 



At our Nogales, Mexico manufacturing location, we launched a project to partner with a more sustainable electricity supplier and began this transition in early October of 2020. With this more sustainable source of electricity, the project will result in a 50% reduction in our plant’s Scope 2 emissions. 
Throughout Belden facilities, we are committed to improving the environmental impact of our operations through energy efficiency gains and reducing energy consumption where possible. Across several locations, we have installed LED lights, motion-controlled lighting systems, and low-energy consumption air compressors. 


Environmental Health and Safety Management Systems

Belden has implemented an Environmental Health and Safety Management System based on ISO 14001 and OHSAS18001/ISO45001 since 2009. This system is implemented worldwide at all manufacturing and distribution locations. Our EHSMS standards describe the controls required for those business activities which impact the environment; including use of natural resources, waste management, and energy consumption.

Through the implementation of our EHS Management System, we are able to:

  • identify and control the environmental impact of its activities, products or services
  • continuously improve our environmental performance
  • implement a systematic approach to setting and achieving environmental objectives and targets


Throughout our operations, we are committed to reducing waste production and water consumption at our facilities through recycling and waste management initiatives. To date, we have initiated several on-site recycling systems at our facilities and will continue to make progress on our ESG journey.


Waste Disposal

We strive to minimize the use of chemicals that result in the generation of hazardous wastes and track our waste generation on an annual basis. Our EHS standards require proper handling, storage and disposal of all hazardous wastes and we audit this on a regular basis at our locations. Over the years, we have replaced solvent based printing operations at our cable facilities with laser printing, which has significantly reduced our generation of solvent based hazardous wastes. We have also replaced mercury laden fluorescent bulbs and ballasts with LED lighting. As a result, Belden is a very small generator of hazardous wastes and we will continue to strive for making as minimal of an environmental impact as possible. In 2020, only about 13% of waste generated was classified as hazardous waste and, of that, over 96% was recycled or used in energy production. 


*Data is for manufacturing and distribution locations.


Recycling Initiatives

Belden has implemented standards that require facilities to recycle waste over disposal whenever possible. Data and information on our recycling efforts is collected for our review annually. In 2020, about 87% of waste generated was recycled. 


Water Management

Belden manages water use at its facilities to reduce environmental impacts and costs, and we have begun to collect water use data in 2020 in an effort to track and reduce our water usage going forwards. Although Belden operates in areas of low water stress, we will continue to find ways to enhance water efficiencies as we scale. 


Suzhou Manufacturing Plant Project

At our manufacturing facility in Suzhou, China, we set targets to reduce our electricity consumption throughout our operations and implemented an on-site solar panel project to reduce our GHG emissions. In 2017, we leased our rooftop to a local solar panel provider, which has reduced our CO2, SO2 and Nox emissions by 85,250 tons and has extended the life of our roof by 8 years.



Belden products have a meaningful impact on our customers and the climate. We are proud of the way our business enables others to share our commitment to the environment, and ensure that we follow the highest standards to uphold our dedication to the environments in which we operate. 


Meaningful Impacts Throughout Our Value Chain

We are proud to serve customers who share our commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impacts where possible. Our network of customers have the scale to impact the make significant impacts, and through our partnerships, we are proud of the roles our products play in connecting people to, and protecting, meaningful alternative energy initiatives.


LEED Qualifying Products 

  • Belden products meet the highest standards for energy efficiency.
  • We place great value on the LEED™ framework as a way to strengthen the environmental impact of our products. This designation not only drives environmental performance but also strengthens product marketing; therefore we are determined to align our products with LEED™ designations whenever feasible.  
  • For detailed information, please see our product catalogue.

ISO 14001 Certificates

Many of our locations have used our internal EHSMS as the basis for third party certification to the ISO 14001 Standard.

ISO 50001 Certifications

ISO 50001 is the international standard for Energy Management Systems, created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The standard specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving an energy management system, whose purpose is to enable an organization to follow a systematic approach in achieving continual improvement of energy performance, including energy efficiency, energy security, energy use and consumption.

  • Certifications:
    • Link to page with all certificates

Product EHS Requirements 

Our commitment to designing products that have minimal contaminants and that comply with all environmental laws in the markets where we sell our products. 

  • Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) II 
    • The Directive on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment was adopted by the European Union in February 2003 and took effect on 1 July 2006. This directive bans the placing on the EU market of new electrical and electronic equipment containing more than agreed levels of lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl (PBB) and polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE), Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), Butyl benzyl phthalate (BBP), Dibutyl phthalate (DBP), Diisobutyl phthalate (DIBP) flame retardants.
    • For more detailed information, please see our product catalogue or contact us for specific product code information.  
    • Link to RoHS catalog 
  • Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) 
    • The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (2002/96/EC) became European Law in February 2003. The directive sets targets for the collection, recycling and recovery of all types of electrical goods.
    • The directive imposes responsibilities for the disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment on the manufacturers of such equipment.
  • Regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) 
    • REACH places greater responsibility on industry to manage the risks that chemicals may pose to the health and the environment.
    • REACH Confirmations:
      Belden Deutschland GmbH
      Hirschmann Automation and Control GmbH
  • End-of-Life Vehicle Directive (ELV) 
    • Belden products follow the EU ELV Directive and manufactures products without hazardous substances to promote the reuse, recyclability and recovery of waste vehicles. 


    At our facility located in Syracuse, NY, we’re working to improve our own energy efficiency by automating all HVAC controls, and installing new equipment to balance the air flow and optimize ventilation throughout our building. We’ve also improved our energy consumption with the installation of external LED lighting, motion-controlled lighting systems, and low-energy consumption air compressors.

Social Responsibility 

We succeed together through teamwork. Belden is committed to building a workforce centered on our values of Teamwork and Continuous Improvement. Our social responsibility extends beyond our value chain to our employees, suppliers, customers, and communities where we operate.

We invest in our people. Belden is committed to the well-being of our stakeholders. 

  • Employee Engagement
  • Safety
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Community Engagement
  • Responsible Sourcing

Offering Results-Driven People a Place and Opportunities to Make a Difference

We believe that engaged employees who have the right tools and environment to be the best they can be deliver exceptional levels of business performance.


Engaged Team with Strong, Consistent Employee Retention

Belden is focused on creating a people-focused culture, and we are proud of how our efforts have resulted in a 93% Retention Rate in 2020, above average compared to Technology and Manufacturing industry benchmark. We implement bi-annual Employee Surveys & Action Plans to measure engagement and belonging, with an 88% positive Global Engagement Score in 2020.


Total Rewards

We believe our success is directly related to the dedication and talent of our associates and we're committed to providing competitive and comprehensive benefits including: Annual incentive and long-term incentive plans for performance aligned with shareholder expectations, employee stock ownership & purchase plans, non-compensation benefits, 401k, Employee Assistance Program, Employee Flextime initiatives.

  • Careers Page
  • Belden Code of Conduct


Professional Development

At Belden, how you do things is as important as what you do. We recognize exceptional performance for those who live Belden’s values. We support our employees through annual performance reviews, engagement with managers on Belden’s values, and Employee Recognition Awards for individuals and teams who have been a beacon for our values and who reinforce our culture.


Belden Talent Management and Succession Planning Strategy

Belden Talent Management and our development of people is an inherent part of how we live our values every day. It’s not by chance, it’s by choice – we run our talent management system with the amount of rigor, analytics and focus that we run our business with. 


Belden Early Career Leadership Program (ECLP)

Belden's ECLP allows for recent college graduates to participate in three 12-month rotations to develop business acumen and participate in an action-based learning curriculum. We are pleased to state that the ECLP has a 100% participant retention rate in 2020.


Consistently awards "Great Place to Work" in several locations globally 

  • Great Place to Work Certified India 2020
  • India's Best Workplaces for Women by Great Place to Work 2020
  • Great Place to Work Brasil 2020
  • Great Place to Work by Great Place to Work Deutschland 2020

Pathways to Employment

Launched February 2018, Belden’s Pathways to Employment program seeks to address the impacts of the opioid epidemic on individuals seeking employment. With increasing frequency, employment opportunities go unfilled because applicants fail the drug tests requirements. In partnership with health services and professional development groups in Richmond, Indiana, Belden applicants who fail pre-employment drug testing are offered an opportunity to enroll in a personalized drug rehabilitation program.

Upon successful completion, candidates are offered a job at Belden, along with resources and support to maintain a substance-free lifestyle. This program combines our commitment to the safety of our employees and quality of our products as we work towards a solution that address health, safety, wellness, and economic opportunity for all. 



Creating a Safe Workplace For All Employees

Belden is committed to providing all employees a safe and healthy workplace and maintaining strong stewardship with all applicable safety and health regulations and policies. 


Belden Corporate EHS Policy ensures the highest standards for operational safety 

Our Belden Corporate EHS Policy sets the highest standards to affirm and ensure the safeguarding of human health in our operations. Read more. 


A People-Centered Safety Culture

Health and safety is fundamental to our culture and is at the forefront of everything we do. Through Belden’s robust EHS Management System, we are able to track our health and safety KPI’s, including our incident rates. Our incidents are well below industry average and in the spirit of continuous improvement, we strive towards a zero-incident rate workplace for our employees.

  • 49% decrease in TIR since 2008 
  • 45% decrease in LTR since 2008


Committed to Team Work & Continuous Improvement

At Belden, we remain firmly committed to our values of Teamwork and Continuous Improvement. Our focus is to foster a culture of teamwork that upholds diversity and inclusion, and we are dedicated to creating an environment of equity for the people that we employ. We are pleased to announce in reaffirmation of this commitment  and to drive performance that we have appointed a new, internal Director of Inclusive Culture to lead this important work: Elle Marc-Charles. 

In her role, Elle is focused on building company-wide inclusion and diversity strategies and initiatives, including conducting a full workforce assessment, holistic reviews of our workplace policies and practices, and employee trainings. 

As we take these next steps, we will strive to create policies, programs and procedures that promote diversity and inclusion across our company over the long term. We are working diligently to create a more just and equitable workplace and to communicating our progress at Belden over time. 

2020 D&I Statistics (gender, race and ethnicity)

  • Global
    • Male 73%
    • Female 27%
  • USA
    • American Indian 0
    • Asian 7%
    • Black or African American 3%
    • Hispanic/Latinx 3%
    • Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 1%
    • Two or more races 2%
    • White 84%


Talent Management

Belden takes talent management as seriously as every other key business initiative – intentionally investing time and resources to continuously manage talent decisions alongside all key business decisions. We set goals across the entire talent pipeline – from recruiting to retention of the talent pool – going deep to ensure rigor and validity. 


EEO and Policy Statements

  • Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation Policy
  • EEO Policy


Enriching Communities Where We Live & Work

In our ongoing commitment to building long-term value, we invest in our associates and support their communities. 

Belden Cares

Belden Cares is an employee-driven program with a global impact, supporting projects around the world that address COVID relief, education, disaster relief, diversity & inclusion, healthcare, nutrition, and other themes important to building community resilience. 

In 2020, we launched the Connect with Community Program to support communities in impacting the lives of disadvantaged groups.  Highlights of the program include:

  • Providing up to 5 days of paid leave for employee volunteerism
  • Increasing Belden’s matching gift program to 2x the employee’s contribution, with no contribution ceiling
  • Increasing Belden’s donations to organizations that offer STEM programs for youth in diverse groups

Penny Poorman, Channel Account Manager, has given her time volunteering at the Tyrone Area Food Bank, unpacking bags and boxes of donations and sorting. 
“The launch of the Connect with Community program really encouraged me to look for ways to reach out,” she said. “My aunt manages the food bank and I have always wanted to volunteer there because I had never worked with the organization before. It was also something positive in such a negative year.” 
The Tyrone Food Bank is supported through some monies from the state of Pennsylvania, but even more so by the community, such as church donations, local business support and private donations. There are approximately 325 families who are served from this location on a monthly basis. In addition to food distribution, the food bank also supports a local backpack program. Items that are identified to be kid-friendly or single serve are packed and handed out at two local schools for kids in need to take home in their backpack for the week. Over 120 students are served this way each week. More than 1,400 volunteer hours were recorded in 2020 to keep the food bank operating. 

Doing Our Part Responsibly

We expect our suppliers and business partners to uphold our values and our commitment to ethics, health and safety, and human rights in accordance with our Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct.


Conflict Minerals Policy 

Belden is dedicated to ensuring the safety of our stakeholders and as such, performed an analysis of our product components, and the role that suppliers play throughout our manufacturing and product delivery processes. We have adopted the standard conflict minerals reporting templates established by the Responsible Materials Initiative (“RMI”) and launched our initial conflict minerals due diligence communication survey to these suppliers in 2013. We continue to perform annual due diligence analyses with our 3TG suppliers to ensure the continued integrity of our 3TG supply chain.

Belden 2019 Conflict Minerals Report

Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Policy

Belden is committed to ethical, legal and socially responsible business practices in its operations across the globe. This includes, but is not limited to, a commitment to ensure that our supply chain is free from slave labor and human trafficking.  This statement, made pursuant to the 2010 California Transparency in Supply Chains Act and the 2015 United Kingdom Modern Slavery Act, highlight Belden’s efforts to ensure our supply chain is free from human trafficking and slave labor.


Supplier Code of Conduct

Belden’s environmental policies outline our shared commitment to operating in an environmentally, ethical and socially responsible manner. We expect our suppliers to adopt these same commitments when working with us. To ensure suppliers meet our expectations with respect to responsible, ethical and legal business practices, we have established the Belden Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC). As such, we seek to maintain a resilient supply chain that includes supplier relationships with like-minded business and economic values, social compliance and corporate sustainability adoption.

Belden’s environmental policies outline our shared commitment to operating in an environmentally ethical and socially responsible manner. We hold our suppliers to the same standards when working with us. To ensure suppliers meet responsible, ethical and legal business practices, we have established the Belden Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC). As such, we seek to maintain a resilient supply chain that includes supplier relationships with like-minded business and economic values, social compliance and corporate sustainability adoption.

Corporate Governance 

We measure our performance and hold ourselves accountable. We aim to be a premium investment for our shareholders.

Belden is committed to conducting business in an ethical and responsible manner as overseen by our Board of Directors and governed by our ethics and compliance policies. We expect all business partners including our Suppliers, to follow the laws and regulations at stated in our Supplier Code of Conduct to share our commitment to environmental stewardship, ethics, health and safety, human rights and labor issues.

  • ESG Governance
  • Cybersecurity

Belden is committed to ethical, legal, and socially responsible business practices in its operations across the globe. As such, we are pleased to have formalized Board oversight of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) through our Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of Belden’s Board of Directors and have adopted the below ESG Steering Committee Charter. The Committee is formally responsible for ESG practices and procedures, and related risks and opportunities.

  • ESG Steering Committee Charter
  • Investor Relations Page for Ethics, Compliance and Anti-Corruption Policies, procedures and related trainings 

At Belden, we aim to be the best at what we do. To that end, at the direction of the Cybersecurity Subcommittee of Belden’s Board of Directors and internally led by the Chief Information Officer and Director of Cybersecurity, Belden has implemented a defined and dedicated Cybersecurity program, set of practices, and specialized personnel responsible for Information and Cyber Security. This program continuously assesses and controls Cybersecurity risks to acceptable levels.

Belden has adopted industry leading practices to protect both Belden assets and customer information.  A comprehensive monitoring and response function continuously analyzes risks and threats at Belden and provides appropriate controls and measures.  Belden ensures that all associates receive periodic cyber awareness training and are provided the tools and support channels to help Belden remain safe. Belden maintains a dedicated data center for resilience and protection of Belden, employee, and customer information assets. Regular testing of business continuity and disaster recovery plans ensure that the appropriate planning and forethought have been integrated into operational needs and recovery objectives.