Stadium AV and broadcast innovations are changing the game for in-person fan experiences. But before much of this new technology can be rolled out, a robust fiber infrastructure is necessary. In the last few years, stadiums, arenas and ballparks are seeing:

1. More People, More Devices

In stadiums, arenas and entertainment venues, wireless networks are connecting growing numbers of people and the devices they carry to unlimited data. Fans now expect to stream media, download and upload content and interact with people inside and outside the venue. Bandwidth demands have gone through the roof.

2. 5G Cellular Connectivity

Today, fans expect the same cellular service they’re used to everywhere else. Traditional coverage solutions don’t always scale well to provide digital and mobile services in these large venues. 5G cellular is set to change that – and is another driving force behind the shift to fiber in stadium technology.

3. Fans Relying on Exclusive Content

When fans attend, they now expect to be entertained beyond what’s happening on the field or court. Simply watching a game is no longer enough. Users’ mobile devices are considered second screens – fans look at them just as much as they watch the action in front of them (or maybe more often).

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