Doing it yourself (DIY): From home improvement projects to crafts, the trend is to build, modify or repair things on your own – without the help of an expert. In some cases, a DIY approach might work just fine. In other cases, however, doing it yourself (whatever “it” is) may create more problems, take up too much time and increase costs.

Even within the data center world, you often have to pick between DIY or bringing in help. Most product manufacturers offer a great opportunity for managers, contractors or integrators to DIY their data center design and deployment. Depending on your data center requirements, available manpower, budget and skill level, a DIY approach may work just fine.

But prefabricated data center solutions – also known as Data Center Ready solutions – can help you make faster, more educated data center infrastructure decisions. By taking the guesswork out of the process, a prefabricated data center solution offers you customized enclosures that are designed, built and delivered to support and enhance the performance of your chosen active equipment.

So how do you decide between a DIY approach (where you build and assemble what you need) or a prefabricated data center solution? Make sure to factor in these benefits of prefabricated data center solutions as you make your decision.

7 Steps to Reduce Data Center Complexity1. High Levels of Customization

To design a customized Data Center Ready solution, a prefabricated solution will work best when you partner with an organization to define data center uptime and efficiency guidelines, as well as the active equipment that requires support. A trained engineer develops a personalized, customized recommendation that includes placement of the following components within an enclosure series:

The end result is an enclosure with the copper, fiber and accessories you need, already pre-installed to meet specific requirements.

2. Time Savings

Prefabricated data center solutions, such as Data Center Ready services, provide a better, easier, faster and more cost-effective way to receive customized enclosure solutions that don’t take extra time to assemble onsite.

Because they arrive ready to receive servers or switches, your labor costs and material handling costs are reduced; enclosure labels indicate exact deployment location. With Belden’s Data Center Ready services, for example, your order ships directly from our factory. Once it arrives, it’s ready for deployment – no rework or assembly required.

This can be beneficial in multi-tenant data center environments as well, where designing each customer’s section of the data center can require extra labor, more vendor communication and longer deployment times. A prefabricated data center solution makes deployment faster, leading to more satisfied customers.

When it comes time to re-order, you work from one part number for the entire enclosure, with all of the copper, fiber and accessories already installed. Within seconds, you can place an order for customized enclosures. Design templates simplify the ordering process as well, and making it easy to order the exact same solution again – or build on it/modify it in the future.

clock on pile of money

3. Cost Reductions

In most cases, the more components included in a prefabricated Data Center Ready solution, the lower the product pricing. For example, Belden’s Data Center Ready solutions offer up to 10% off the estimated retail pricing, along with unified system pricing versus 10+ line items on a bill of material.

4. Fewer Environmental Impacts

Onsite waste (and associated disposal costs) decrease with a prefabricated data center solution due to efficient packaging. Instead of each component being packaged individually, all required components ship already assembled in streamlined packaging.

Prefabricated Solutions from Belden

If data center DIY isn’t for you, have no fear. You don’t have to waste time worrying about logistics. Instead, you can spend more time improving other aspects of your data center instead of looking for and unpacking individual parts, and then putting enclosures together. Belden prefabricated Data Center Ready solutions save valuable time and money. Learn more about them here.

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