Having complete visibility of a data center is no longer a luxury or something that can be accomplished via spreadsheets. Modern data centers need DCIM to logically manage and monitor data center infrastructure and assets (both physical and virtual) and gain a thorough understanding of current and future capacity.

While DCIM goes a long way in reducing downtime through automated processes, fully leveraging resources to improve the bottom line, and proactively planning for future business opportunities and new technologies, many are still of the mindset that DCIM does not offer enough value for its cost. Getting buy-in from all stakeholders and upper management isn’t always easy, but for starters, try these strategies.

Take a Holistic Approach

Don’t set the objectives for DCIM in a vacuum. Gather input from all stakeholders that use and support the data center—from the CIO and the facility manager, to the network designer and the server technician. It will make them feel like they were part of the process and they’ll be more apt to buy in.

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Present a Focused Argument

Effectively demonstrating ROI is a must. Carefully review current costs versus potential operational savings to build a focused ROI model—decision makers prefer real numbers. For example, demonstrate the specific cost savings gained by identifying an underutilized asset that is wasting power and cooling resources.

When presenting your case to stakeholders, focus on the features, benefits and savings of DCIM that are specifically related to their interests. Describe specific “what-if” scenarios they can relate to. For example, it doesn’t make sense to focus on the benefit of accurate records and automated work orders when getting buy-in from facility managers who are more interested in potential space savings and reduced energy use.

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Time it Right

Timing can go a long way in getting buy-in for DCIM. Aligning the DCIM project to other corporate objectives will get you a lot further with upper management than presenting DCIM as a silo. For example, it’s a lot easier to get budget approval in conjunction with other major business and data center initiatives such as construction, expansions and upgrades.

Rely on the Experts

DCIM is a long term solution that requires a long term vendor partner. When you partner with a reliable vendor that has expert design and deployment knowledge in all areas of the data center, you can rest assured that your specific needs will be understood.

Don’t hesitate to rely on an expert partner like Belden to help you justify DCIM and ensure a successful deployment. For more information, schedule a call with one of our experts!