While it's never easy to predict the future, it's even more difficult when the pace of change is constantly accelerating. With data centers needing to support increased bandwidth demands, growing energy costs and the movement toward virtualization and cloud, it's more apparent than ever that the data center of tomorrow will be vastly different than the data center of today.

Data center managers need to be more than just suppliers of space, power and cooling. They need to be proactive managers of data center resources. It's not enough to simply react to issues as they arise. IT directors and managers must anticipate problems before they happen and find a fix before it disrupts the entire enterprise.  

That's why we've launched a new section to Belden's blog, dedicated to the data center. We know change happens fast, and we recognize that today's industry standards will not be enough to keep up with the demands of the future.

Our goal is to be a go-to resource for helping with your questions, concerns and challenges. To help you keep your finger on the pulse of the changing landscape, we've lined up four industry experts to address some of the latest data center trends:

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  • Salvador, MichaelMichael Salvador – As technical solutions manager for Belden, Mike is an expert resource on optimizing data center efficiency and performance while ensuring availability, scalability and reduced risk. Mike is a 27-year veteran with real hands-on experience in designing, deploying and maintaining data centers to support the latest trends in virtualization and cloud computing.
  • paulkishPaul Kish - As director of systems and standards for Belden, Paul is a highly-respected leader in the industry and a key contributor to the development of cabling and networking industry standards. With 41 years in the industry and his finger on the pulse of the data center world, Paul provides a unique perspective on the future outlook for data centers and the industry standards, methodologies, trends and technologies of tomorrow.
  • Dwayne CrawfordDwayne Crawford - As product line manager for fiber systems at Belden, Dwayne is an expert in all things fiber—from high-performance optical transmission and computing, to loss budgets, low latency and fiber cabling architectures. With more than 20 years of industry experience and a focus on fiber innovations and solutions, Dwayne has a keen ability to communicate the pros and cons of the wide variety of options available in the marketplace.
  • Greg Funk2Greg Funk - As network solutions engineer for Belden, Greg’s 20-year industry background includes hands-on field experience that ranges from installer and designer to technical trainer, support specialist and sales engineer. He is a recognized, authoritative resource in data center specifications, testing and troubleshooting, installation best practices and data center commissioning.

Have a question for our team of bloggers? Be sure to share them in the comments section below so we can address them in future posts!

Blogs will post on weekly on Wednesdays. We have added our first two posts, one by Michael Salvador and the second by Dwayne Crawford, to give you a flavor of the topics that will be covered. We look forward to including you in the discussion.