Bringing prospective customers in for a data center tour is something that colocation/multi-tenant data center providers are certainly familiar with. Once you’ve spoken via email and phone, and shared relevant documents and literature, the next step is often showing the potential client your facility so they can make their final decision.

Using virtual reality to bring the data center tour to your customers – instead of bringing your customers to your site – is becoming an option as the technology becomes more practical and usable. Instead of your client trying to bring all relevant parties together at once and traveling to the site, a virtual reality data center tour can allows them to stay where they are and walk through your facility virtually at a time most convenient to them.

Virtual Reality Tours: Benefits to Potential Customers

By offering this perk to potential customers, you can help them:

  • Gain buy-in from the C-suite faster. If needed, they can walk whoever they want through the space virtually to visually explain why they want to choose you over a competitor.
  • See more of your data center space. Through virtual reality, potential customers can securely visit areas that are typically locked or inaccessible. They’ll be able to look, but they won’t be able to touch or accidentally interfere with sensitive equipment.
  • Notice certain facts or features that make you stand out (state-of-the-art security technology, for example, or logs of scheduled maintenance and downtime).
  • Tour as many times as they want. Instead of setting up multiple in-person visits, they can head back in and take a look any time.

Even if potential clients opt to do in-person, onsite data center tours, virtual reality can be used to show parts of your data center that are typically locked down or not accessible.

Virtual Reality Tours: Benefits to Colocation/Multi-Tenant Data Centers

Offering virtual reality tours offers perks for you, too:

  • A virtual tour can help you stand out from other colocation/multi-tenant data centers they may be investigating. If yours is the only one offering virtual tours, they’re sure to remember you.
  • Tours via virtual reality can also give you and your staff more time to focus on other tasks by reducing the need for you to be available to lead tours and answer onsite question.
  • If your data center is currently under renovation – or is still being built – you can still provide virtual tours to give potential clients (or even existing clients) a peek at what’s to come.

Important Considerations

It’s important to note, however, that bringing a virtual reality data center tour on board is successful only with the right infrastructure.

As a 360-degree video application that allows users to interact with digital environments and objects (typically through a device like a headset or glasses, but can also be viewed on computers or tablets), having the infrastructure in place to store and stream this data across a network requires a lot of bandwidth. If the network used to view the virtual reality tour isn’t capable of supporting this capability, the end result could be frustration.

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