Sometimes you can’t find exactly what you need. You find something close, but it doesn’t meet your requirements. Or it may compromise a performance aspect of your network or data center: speed, reliability, futureproofing or uptime, for example. As data center and network requirements continue to grow, and these changing requirements are adopted at each organization’s own pace, the need for fast, reliable and customized solutions will also grow.

One of our customers – a large telecommunications company that provides mobile phone, TV, high-speed and wireless Internet services to homes and businesses – is an excellent case in point. The company liked Belden’s existing FiberExpress (FX) UHD rack-mount patch panel system for its versatility, modularity and flexibility. In fact, the company has successfully used it for many applications.

But, the telecommunications provider had a new application in mind, and wanted a fiber patch panel that could accommodate fiber to the home (FTTH) using the same footprint as the FX UHD rack-mount patch panel system, and the ability to accommodate Belden’s FX UHD Splice Cassettes and/or FX UHD Splice Trays – all in a wall-mount patch panel configuration.

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To make sure the solution was scalable, flexible, versatile and secure, the company requested certain features in its custom wall-mount fiber patch panel. When we sat down to design it, there were several requirements to keep in mind:

Requirement No. 1: Future Growth

Because the customer was targeting the multi-family housing market, it wanted to make sure it was set to meet growing demand without having to pre-install products for an entire condo complex.

As more patch-panel room is required, the customer wanted the flexibility to add splice cassettes and/or connections to meet increasing demand.

Requirement No. 2: Modular/Flexible Configurations

The client’s engineering staff wanted stackable modular patch-panel configurations, with the ability to create an interconnect when panels are mounted vertically and a cross-connect when panels are mounted horizontally.

Requirement No. 3: Multiple Field-Termination Options

Because field work would be required as time went on (as user demands increased), the customer wanted to be able to support field-terminations: mechanical or fusion splice connectors, pigtails, splice trays and pre-terminated solutions.

Requirement No. 4: Limited User Access

The customer also wanted a wall-mount patch panel that offered two separate compartments (two-piece doors) and an optional lock, providing users with access to only what they need.

Requirement No. 5: Versatility

The customer knew it would be using splice cassettes and splice trays, and wanted a patch panel that offered the flexibility to do so. It was also important that the wall-mount fiber patch panel provide capacity for up to 48 splices.

Requirement No. 6: Ease of Use

The final customer request for the wall-mount fiber patch panel was integrated slack management and patch-cord management to make installation faster and easier.

Download our 10 Steps to Holistic Data Center Design white paperCreating a Custom Wall-Mount Fiber Patch Panel

By working closely with the telecommunications provider, Belden came up a with a custom wall-mount fiber patch panel solution that meets all six requirements.

Here’s what we created:

  • Future Growth: As more room in the patch panels is required, the customer can stack the wall-mount fiber patch panels side by side for more terminated ports to accommodate FTTH. The capability to load four cassettes into the patch panel instead of two improves density.
  • Modular/Flexible Configurations: Wall-mount fiber patch panel designs were prepared for every situation the customer may experience.
  • Multiple Field-Termination Options: The wall-mount fiber patch panel can accommodate up to 48 splices, and handle mechanical or fusion splice connectors, pigtails, splice trays and pre-terminated solutions.
  • Limited User Access: To make sure users only have access to certain parts of the wall-mount fiber patch panel, the compartment/door for the main service area is lockable; the other compartment/door offers easy access to the patching space.
  • Versatility: The customer can use splice cassettes and splice trays with the wall-mount fiber patch panel, which provides capacity for up to 48 splices.
  • Ease of Use: To incorporate integrated slack management and patch-cord management, large grommets for incoming cables were used. The grommets feature a two-inch inner diameter to handle 48mm by 5 mm drop cables.

This is just one example of the customization that can be done to meet customer requests. In this case, the wall-mount fiber patch panel was a solution that interested other Belden clients as well. As a result, the product is now available as a standard Belden solution. Learn more about it here.

Or, contact us if you want to learn more about the customized data center and LAN solutions we can develop for you.