The evolution of electronic cable is similar to the evolution of technology in general – everything is simply getting smaller.

It’s happening in almost every industry. It’s happening all around us.

Industrial manufacturing is no different. In the manufacturing setting it’s called miniaturization. Customers are demanding the benefits of smaller machines and smaller devices and machine builders are listening.

Why? Because machine builders know their customers plan the plant floor the way a casino plans its layout. Every slot machine that takes up space on the casino floor must earn back that space by bringing in a return on the investment. But what if a new design for smaller slot machines meant casinos could fit 10 more slot machines in the room? This would mean more money. The same goes for the plant floor. With smaller machines and devices, comes enhanced efficiency and cost savings.

What Does This Mean for Electronic Cables?

Miniaturization is driving the evolution of electronic cables. As machines become smaller, new electronic cables need to be designed to fit into the smaller spaces that machines and devices will now provide. The need for smaller, industrial-grade cables will only continue to grow.

You might be wondering how these smaller, more flexible cables will hold up in an industrial manufacturing setting. There are several features these cables should have to meet the needs of both miniaturization and the rugged environments of the manufacturing floor.

If you’re considering upgrading now or in the future, it’s time to understand what these features are and what they mean for you.

The Benefits of New Electronic Cables

So, what do these new electronic cables have, that your old cables didn’t? There are several features new electronic cables must have to meet the growing demands from machine builders and their end users. These include:

A smaller footprint. With the demands of miniaturization, cables need to be smaller and lighter to reduce the overall cable area.

  • What does this mean to you? Space-saving cables will make life easier for you and your customers in several ways, including:
    • Removing excess space from your designs. This means you can fit more cables in your existing space and more machines on the plant floor. 
    • Saving your customers installation time. With smaller cables, engineers can easily route cable around tight corners or in hard to reach spaces.
    • Reducing your machines’ weight. Without heavy bundles of cables weighing down the mobile robots making their way around plant floors, end users will see greater efficiency in production.
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Greater Flexibility. Tight, intricate routing that comes along with smaller machines and devices requires cables with a higher bend radius, meaning they can bend more without breaking or impacting performance.

  • What does this mean to you? With the right flexible cables, you don’t have to worry about:
    • Cables on your machines breaking under the pressure of being placed in tight, restricted spaces.
    • Your customers spending extra time and money to fit larger, non-industrial grade cables into spaces not meant for them.

Ability to withstand rugged environments. Just because cables are smaller and more flexible, doesn’t mean they can sacrifice ruggedness or performance. Industrial settings still expose electronic cable to harsh conditions.

  • What does this mean to you? If you find the right electronic cables that are appropriate for your application, these space-saving electronic cables can deliver the same performance you and your customers have expected in the past. This will give you peace-of-mind knowing that your cables are holding up in the face of moisture, extreme heat and excessive vibrations.

As a machine builder, I know you’re constantly looking for ways to improve design. If your current design isn’t meeting the needs of a changing market and an increased demand for miniaturization, it’s time for a change. Finding cables that fulfill the requirements mentioned above will be an essential step in making that change.

Miniaturization is driving the evolution of electronic cables. As machines become smaller, new electronic cables need to be designed to fit into the smaller spaces that machines and devices will now provide. 

Belden is responding to the demand for miniaturization with the new SpaceMaker Electronic Cables. These cables meet all the above requirements. They have up to a 74 percent tighter bend radius and up to a 52 percent space savings. Not only that, but they’re designed for rugged environments and backed by Belden’s 10-year industry leading warranty.

Looking to upgrade your electronic cable? Be sure to test out Belden’s cable by ordering a free sample today. You will feel and see the difference.

Do you need help upgrading your electronic cable or have questions about the right cables for your application? Please contact me at I look forward to hearing from you.

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