tcc_scootIn today's traffic control environment,networking equipment has become more important than ever--especially in order to support all of the video traffic from IP cameras installed at intersections. Networking elements such as hardened Ethernet switches, fiber port capability, and industrial fiber and copper cables are often necessary.

In designing a Minneapolis SCOOT traffic control system (an adaptive system that responds automatically to fluctuations in traffic flow through the use of on-street detectors embedded in the road), the integrator, Brown Traffic Control selected GarrettCom switches to meet the networking demands.

As part of the new network, existing conduit runs were used to install a new fiber backbone system. The SCOOT system has a one second poll for each device on the network being managed which leads to very frequent two way communication across the network. Fiber was chosen as the medium because of the need for a reliable high availability network infrastructure.  In addition to the SCOOT system, 22 pan tilt zoom cameras for video surveillance were also added along the intersections.

Brown Traffic selected the GarrettCom Magnum 6KQ Managed Field Switches to connect the IP cameras at the intersections. Brown has installed many 6KQ Switches and is confident in their reliability and hardiness for outdoor locations. The 6KQ was also selected for its fiber configurability and easy fit into a traffic control box. For edge applications requiring hardened switches, Magnum ES42 Edge Switches were chosen.

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