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Al Greiner

Alfred Greiner's career has focused on the physical and network layer design and engineering requirements to support Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure which conform to North American and/or International standards. Other areas of interest are North American and International standards for electrical distribution systems for ICT, along with advancing his understanding of effective methods to regulate the environment for ICT equipment in server rooms and data centers, all with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. His 25 years of experience includes design/engineering of structured cabling and project management for large-scale new and renovation building projects for enterprise, government, universities and health care institutions. Many of these projects include a supporting data center space or cloud connectivity. This involved collaborating with clients, architects, engineers and IT staff as part of an architectural design team utilizing AIA, CSI, RIBA and LEED processes to design and document a comprehensive IEEE, EIA/TIA or ISO standards-based structured cabling system to support converged information technology systems and distributed wireless systems.

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