What’s better than starting the New Year out with exciting news? Belden’s Enterprise Blog has been well-received by you, our readers, and we continually strive to craft content in a way that addresses your cabling and connectivity questions and concerns.

To provide even more helpful and targeted information, we’re increasing the frequency of our blogging in 2016. Instead of posting once a week, we will now be posting twice each week:

  • Thursdays: data center topics
  • Fridays: local area network (LAN) topics

We launched our blog back in 2012, and it has expanded over the years. In June 2013, we began adding posts about data centers and local area networks (LANs). Since then, our team of data center and LAN experts has published 130+ blogs on topics ranging from network performance, efficiency and topology to testing, network upgrades and upcoming applications and cabling standards.

A quick introduction to the bloggers you’ll hear from in 2016 …

cant ignore cat 6a bannerData Center Team

  • Denis Blouin

    As a Belden infrastructure product line manager, Denis is a mechanical engineer who focuses on data center efficiency solutions.

  • Dwayne Crawford

    As a Belden data center specialist and fiber product line manager, Dwayne has more than 20 years of experience in the datacomm industry. He began in the early days of dial-up Internet by founding Internet service provider DirectNET. He has served on several international standards committees, advancing high-performance/low-latency protocols (IEEE-1394, GigE Vision, CameraLink) used in real-time image processing and utilizing high-performance computing platforms.

  • Mike Peterson


    Mike, product line manager for data centers, has more than 15 years of experience working in the data center space, including power, cooling and connectivity. He has been involved in sales and marketing on a global scale, and has assisted customers with designing and building efficient data centers across a range of vertical markets.


LAN Team

LAN In Action

  • Benoit Chevarie

    Benoit is responsible for the growth and profitability of Belden copper connectivity products. He maintains a solid knowledge base amongst Belden’s sales forces, as well as maintaining competitive pricing strategies and keeping a rich but lean product line that corresponds to a dynamic market demand.

  • Greg Deitz

    As Belden’s global data cable product line manager, Greg is responsible for product portfolio management, managing customer quality of service and finding ways to improve cabling products and processes.

  • Matt Hurst

    As product line manager for fiber connectivity, Matt holds a BSc. (physics) from the University of Waterloo in Canada. He also earned his MBA from the Farmer School of Business at Miami University (Ohio). Since 2005, Matthew has held various roles in supply chain/manufacturing in the automotive and electrical industries.

  • Kristen Poulos

    Kristen got her industry start in Mohawk Cable’s marketing department. As a product line manager for Belden’s copper connectivity portfolio for the past four years, she now leads her team in introducing functional and innovative copper products.

  • Stéphane Bourgeois

    I will also be one of the bloggers in 2016, writing about both data center and LAN topics. As Belden’s director, technology strategy, enterprise networking, I've been in the telecommunications industry for 25 years. I began with Nortel as a design engineer and product manager, and then moved on to companies like ITF Optical Technologies, VoiceAge Corporation and my own consulting company. I joined Belden in 2007 to focus on technology roadmap and ideation, networking applications and trends, and standards engagement.

If you have data center or LAN questions for our team of bloggers, share them in the comments section so we can address them in future posts. You can also schedule a call to speak with one of our experts! To speak with a Data Center Expert, click here or to speak to a LAN Expert, click here.

Thanks, everyone, for the attention you’ve given to our blogs. We look forward to more enlightening discussions as our audience continues to grow!